[AI] Now, use same SIM in different handsets

Amjad Ahmed Fitwala amjad_022 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Sep 30 02:34:44 EDT 2007

Now, use same SIM in different handsets
  DELHI: Do you prefer to carry a lighter, smaller handset in the evening and a bulkier multi-functional smart-phone during the day in office but tired
  of changing SIM cards between phones? Don’t worry. Now, you won’t have to go through the hassle of pulling out SIM cards to insert in another handset.
  A UK-based mobile applications company has tested such a service in Russia and is in talks with leading Indian operators to roll out the 'single line multi-SIM'
  facility by next year.
  The company has launched an application where in multiple SIM cards carrying same number can be provided to a user. Thus a user wishing to carry another
  lighter or jazzier handset in the evening can just switch off the earlier one and the second one becomes operational. The SIM cards will be active one
  at a time.
  Or if the user has opted for 3-4 SIM cards with the same number, they can just download a java application from the internet. The application will provide
  a user interface wherein a user can chose to activate SIM card number 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  The other option will be to set a time schedule(night/day) at which the different SIM cards will be active. “You can dial your customer care to set the
  time for activation/de-activation of a particular SIM,” says Michael Crossey, vice-president of UK-based Aopena, a mobile applications provider.
  "We have already tested the service in Russia. All leading operators in India have shown interest in our service. We are hopeful to launch the service in
  India by early next year," Mr Crossey told ET.
  The service has many utilities. “For instance, some people like to carry a bulky smart phone with all the features of a computer during daytime for office
  use. During evening, they like to switch to a lighter, jazzy phone. The service will remove the hassle of changing SIM cards,” says Mr Crossey.
  The application may also offer a feature where in one SIM card receives incoming calls and the other just makes outgoing calls, he adds.
  Another utility of the ‘multi-handset single line’ (MHSL) service is that on loss of a phone, an extra SIM ensures seamless connectivity. One doesn’t have
  to go through the hassle of re-submitting documents and getting a new SIM card.
  Though, a similar multi-line single handset (MLSH) service is common, the single line on many mobile phones is still uncommon. In the multi-line service,
  a handset can carry two SIM cards (be it GSM or CDMA or both) at the same time. One can switch between numbers by switching off and on a handset. One can
  also switch between lines through a Java application on the phone.
  The dual SIM card phone is quite common though. T-Mobile in Germany and Vodafone and Telecom Italia in Italy offer multi-line single handset services.

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