[AI] Refreshable Braille displays

Manish Agrawal magrawal at sapient.com
Sat Sep 29 23:04:23 EDT 2007

I am looking for information on 80 cell refreshable Braille displays:

1. Do you know of the most popular/commonly used displays (I am
currently going by the list of displays supported in jaws)?

2. Have you been on a forum that has recently discussed Braille displays
and which one to buy etc.? A Google search gave me a few useful articles
from AFB but not a group discussion.

3. What is a 2D display? The only one that seems to be out there is the
braillex 2d from Papenmeier. However this company's website doesn't seem
to have been updated since 2005. Are they still in business?

If you are curious to know why I am even looking at these ridiculously
priced gadgets, read on:
I recently had an audiology test done because of some kind of ear
problem. What came out as a result was pretty bad damage to my ears a
part of which, the doctor says, is because of noise pollution caused due
to continuously listening to my computer's robotic output for hours on
I need to reduce listening but cannot reduce my work, so, am looking for
alternate means to access a computer.
Do you think a Braille display is a feasible alternative? given that I
need to start from learning Braille in the first place.

I am also considering the dragon naturally speaking as an input
mechanism in conjunction with the Braille display to compensate for the
loss of speed because my hands will be off the keyboard.
I'll be trying the combination at home first, so the problem of
interference from others in office will not be there. If it works out
well, I'll think of translating it into an office solution.
I'll put my thoughts about "ear care" in another thread to avoid
digressing from this topic.


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