[AI] Now, e-mail ID to reflect your personality

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Fri Sep 28 22:43:57 EDT 2007

Now, e-mail ID to reflect your personality


Ramesh Sharma 
E-mail IDs get personal: Mr Jaspreet Bindra, Country
Manager, Online Services Business, Microsoft India, at
a press conference in the Capital on Thursday.

Our Bureau 

New Delhi: If you always wanted to tell the world how
you feel or what you are like, this could be your
chance. You can now be 
rahul at underpaid.co.in, 
amit at workaholic.co.in, 
pranav at slipperysadhu.in
 or settle for a less wacky e-mail id like 
kishore at itsmychoice.in.

Microsoft on Thursday unveiled personalised e-mail
service in India, allowing users to pick and choose an
e-mail ID from amongst 250 custom domains which
describe users’ personality, indicate where they live,
and even personify their tastes and likes.

“We had recently conducted a pilot project in Mumbai
on the custom domain Lokhandwalarocks.com and received
a strong response with over 10,000 users opting
for it. With today’s launch, users can go to 
 and choose from amongst 250 domains, to arrive at a
combination that best portrays their personality – for
free,” Mr Jaspreet Bindra, country manager -
Online Services Business, Microsoft India said.

He said Microsoft’s research showed that while the
youth wanted to exemplify their identity, there were
not enough e-mail IDs describing user personalities.

“An e-mail ID is an integral part of one’s own
identity and since people use e-mail as the primary
mode of contact, it is important to have an e-mail ID
which is unique. This led us to roll out a
comprehensive list of free personalised e-mail IDs
that will allow users more choice in an e-mail ID with
the added features of their Windows Live Hotmail
account,” said Mr Bindra.

The company plans to unleash an advertising campaign
(online, television and radio) in the next 2-3 days to
create awareness about the new initiative. The
list made available by Microsoft has some rather funny
options including jinxed4ever.net,
againstthelaw.co.in, stuckinarut.co.in,
overworked.co.in, amongst
others, to choose from. 

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