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Thu Sep 27 00:09:37 EDT 2007

Voice résumés are hear

Sowmya Rajaram

Purana zamana: CVs on paper may soon be passé 
Imagine answering interview questions to a computer,
and having that sent to your prospective employer as
your curriculum vitae (CV) instead of the traditional
résumé that you drop off at the HR department. 

Validator, a newly launched software, does just that
for the first time in India, reports Sowmya Rajaram. 

This voice résumé has questions that have been pre-set
on the basis of interaction and research on the jobs 
and requirements in a particular industry. 

The questions are divided into packs like personality,
focus, past experience, and so on. Questions are
spoken in a recorded Indian voice and all the
has to do is answer them.

The answers are recorded, and once the résumé is
uploaded on job search websites, employers can listen
to the applicant in real time and make a better
judgement about his or her capabilities before
proceeding with interviews. 

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