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and you can gain a good knowledge
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Successful Management - 88
Helping you to Manage your People Easily and Effectively
September 24th, 2007
in this issue
--Everyone Is The Team

MANAGEMENT...is a regular
online newsletter designed to help
you get the very
best from your people, in a way
which enables
everyone to be a winner -
including your
business or organisation,
your people
and you!

Welcome to the four new readers this week -

Everyone Is The Team
As managers, we all work with

They say that you cannot
manage things, you can only manage
people. So by definition, as managers we
manager a bunch of people to meet the
business objectives.

And how do
each and every one of your people feel
about their place in the 'team'?

see, I want to be a little controversial now -
everyone has an equally
important part in your

Whatever their

Now you might say that you
have some people who are so incredibly
vital to you that they are more important than
someone with a less critical

Not so.

Team is not
about importance, it's about

Whatever their role,
everybody has a vital role in the
team that you manage and

By ensuring that you have that
concept clear in your head, you will
significantly improve the overall
performance of your team, as everyone
knows how important each and every one of
them is.

If some of your people
seem to you more important than anyone
else, just think through the impact of that
imbalance on each of the other members of
your team.

And take time to
develop your own strategy to balance that
out - soon.

Checkout "How To
Win At Assessment
Centers" (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=c9rumecab.0.6kq4macab.nxlcuvn6.880&ts=S0278&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.howtowinatassessmentcenters.com)
- Hints and Tips
to Beat Recruiters at Their Own Crazy
Games" (and psst!..there's a great 6-
part mini-course free to site

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- Crazy
Ideas That Show You How to Get
the Job You Love!" is still
more and more satisfied

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Martin Haworth
Business and Management

/>© 2007 Martin

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