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Detroit News, Michigan USA
Friday, September 21, 2007

Blind student ready to fly at space camp

By Charles E. Ramirez

Caption: Jeff Humphrey learned about space camp last year in Dina
Exline's astronomy class at Chatterton Middle School in Warren.

7th-grader will attend NASA program that features simulations of
missions in space.

WARREN -- Jeff Humphrey has his sights on the stars.

The seventh-grader at Chatterton Middle School in the Fitzgerald
Public Schools district hopes to become a pilot or an astronaut when
he grows up.

"But I'm not sure how the future looks for blind astronauts," he said.

Jeff, who has been legally blind since birth and uses a white cane to
guide him, will get a glimpse of what spaceflight is like beginning

The 14-year-old from Warren received a $400 scholarship to attend
Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students at the U.S. Space
& Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala. He is scheduled to leave this
morning for the week-long program.

"It's the first time I've ever been on an airplane, too," he said.
"I've been so excited about the whole thing that I've been having
trouble sleeping."

Jeff is the first Chatterton Middle School student with a visual
impairment to attend the space camp, said Dina Exline, who teaches
astronomy, aerospace and technology classes at the school.

"I admire Jeff," said Exline, who has been to two space camps at the
Space & Rocket Center. "He never complains about anything, and he
never gives up. He always finds a way to do whatever it is he wants to

It was in her astronomy class last year that Jeff learned about space
camp, he said. He applied for a scholarship and submitted an essay on
why he wants to travel in space and what role blind people may play in

The camp uses space travel to fuel students' interest in math, science
and technology. It also encourages teamwork, communication and

The program features high-tech simulations of space travel and NASA
space missions.

Dan Oates, coordinator of the Space Camp for Interested Visually
Impaired Students, said the 18-year-old program this year has drawn
161 students from 26 states as well as Canada, Ireland, Israel and

Jeff is one of 30 students who received a scholarship, Oates said.

Tuition for the program for visually impaired students like Jeff is
$675, plus the costs of travel.


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