[AI] One class has 25 lakh students!

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One class has 25 lakh students!

A 16-digit number will help college students across
the state to have online access to admission process,
faculty, courses and other information on any
college with the click of a button

Mumbai Mirror

Ravikiran Deshmukh

The graphic shows how various universities across the
state will be connected
With the introduction of a 16-digit Permanent
Registration Number (PRN), college students across the
state will now have access to various online services
including personal as well as general information
regarding university education and related services at
their finger tips. 

This became possible after Union Agriculture Minister
Sharad Pawar launched the Digital University software
suite through the e-Suvidha scheme of the Maharashtra
Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) on Friday.  

Through the scheme, more than 25 lakh college students
will be able to access information about any
university and its departments, officials, committees
and related information.

Accreditation and recognition status of affiliated
colleges/ institutes of any university can be had at
the click of a button.

The faculties, courses and syllabi of all state
universities along with the admission procedure, fees,
scholarships, educational loans, concessions offered
by the government will be displayed on the portal.

Besides, awards, happenings and other related
activities will also be featured.

According to Dilip Walse Patil, minister for higher
and technical education and ex-officio president of
the MKCL, “Apart from these services, circulars,
government resolutions (GR), notices, co-curricular
and extra-curricular activities, competitions and
awards, competitive examinations, all are part of
the e-Suvidha project.”

The 10 universities, including Mumbai University and
SNDT University, can now offer online personal profile
updates, eligibility processing, application
for examination, examination schedules, venues and
examination hall tickets to the students. 

E-statements of marks, verification and re-valuation,
convocation, migration certificates, e-Transcript,
status of various applications, progression records
from admission to convocation are the added advantages
of making the university online, adds Walse Patil. 

Besides the syllabi, list of recommended books,
references, contact session time-table, personalised
alerts, notices, calendar, messaging services amongst
students and teachers, selection of contact session
centre, complaint registration and redressal will add
to the facility list, he added.

How students can avail of the services

• Each student will have a ‘Login ID’ and a ‘password’
to avail the services on the Digital University Portal
of his/her 

• After successful registration with the universtiy,
student will also get a unique 16-digit permanent
registration number  

• Services offered through the project will also be
available at the Student Facilitation Centres (SFCs)
established at University campuses, sub-campuses,
specific colleges at district and tehsil levels 

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