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Tue Sep 25 00:22:28 EDT 2007

Making your website run faster

Ruchi Kapoor

With blogosphere expanding every second and more and
more Indians creating a virtual presence, internet
traffic was bound to go up. And if traffic goes
up, can jams be far behind? Visit any online community
meet and you will see how slow websites bog surfers. 

“These days’ users want attractive and fast blogs
along with instant response,” says Impetus Technology
associate director, Vineet Tyagi, fresh from an
open source campaign, in New Delhi. This is taking a
toll on the time on accessing a website and its
efficiency. Usually websites keep a track of most
frequently visited pages and accordingly, work towards
improving their performance. In the rush, everyone
wants to make their website attractive. Website
companies try to make their site attractive by using
vibrant colours and images. Besides heavy images, blog
site companies also place ads on websites through
which bloggers may earn revenue each time an ad is

Video clipping also adds to the clutter. “I think...
it is another form of social networking. Sometimes a
large number of videos or increase in the online
traffic may reduce the speed of the website,” says a
blogger, Mohit Khanna. 

Bloggers mostly have large pages where they post their
views on any topic, accompanied by photographs or
videos. Sometimes this idea hinders the better
functioning of a website. A lot of time is spent by
bloggers trying to get other blogs to link to them. 

Insiders, however, feel that a balance can be made. To
speed up a website’s performance, focus should be on
the front-end—images should be used judiciously,
by compressing the HTML code in order to avoid wastage
of blank space, zipping the image content, use of
cache manager, which can help in fastening website;
removing of duplicate scripts. 

According to Lalit Patel, software engineer, Uzanto,
“New technologies have emerged to speed up the
websites. These days’ companies are collaborating and
everyone is focusing on research. I feel there will be
great improvement in its functioning.” 

Bloggers should be aware of the plans that they want
to take up. Before taking a plan, one should be fully
aware of it and should be watchful in terms of
account, bandwidth, storage capacity, speed
upgradation in a plan and number of users allowed to
visit website (per month),” says Tyagi. 

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