[AI] Multiple page scanning.

moiz tundawala moiztundawala at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 01:29:00 EDT 2007

Hello friends.
I use an HP scanner to scan books and other relevant materials. I wish
to do a multiple page scan. But when I'm through with it and try to
convert the text into word, only the first page is converted. The
select all pages option is not working. I did a control A, but it
failed too. If I then use the go to command in the edit menu and move
to the tenth page say, then that particular page gets converted. Is
there a way out? I did try to download omnipage converter, but it did
not help. I use office 2000.
I did put in a query on the list. But as always, I personally never
seem to get satisfactory answers. May be, my questions are pretty
Please help, it is important.

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