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I happened to meet with Polycom's Chief in Bangalore and learnt that they are working on conferencing platform that transmits HD videos to the size of a wall and gives the feeling to those in the conference room that the person talking to them on a video link is just beside them.


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Sounding just great


Priyanka Joshi / New Delhi 

With the fast accelerating popularity of voice over
Internet protocol (VoIP) and broadband, there are
zillions of products that strive to deliver a
user experience.  
How? With the help of a simple connection via the USB
port of your laptop or computer to make handsfree
Internet phone calls over either the instant messenger
or VoIP communication platforms.  
Polycom Communicator is a well-formed handsfree
speaker-cum-mic device that connects to the PC via a
USB, allowing for trouble-free VoIP calls. One just
needs to plug the device into an available USB port on
your computer.  
Compatible with the Windows XP (lacks support for Macs
and Linux), the Communicator is ready for use with any
software that uses standard Windows sound
calls. It can also act as a sound card for PC games
and is a decent microphone for recording and listening
to audio.  
Polycom seems to have added an extra
auto-echo-cancellation into the Communicator, which
reportedly allows smooth voice transfer to and fro. In
while we did experience clear, room-filling audio that
was free of echoes and feedback (with only the
occasional voice delay), people on the other end
of our VoIP calls reported differing experiences.  
Some enjoyed equally crisp sound; others could hear
nothing but muffled sounds, even after increasing the
volume and testing the Communicator at different
times of day. But the best aspect of the Polycom
Communicator is the freedom the speakerphone provides.
There's no need to frantically look for your headset
and put it on when a call comes in. For those who
still want their headsets, there's a standard 3.5
mm headphone socket too. Polycom's Communicator is
priced at Rs 8,195.  
The D-Link too has announced the launch of D-Link
DPH-10U, that too plugs directly into the USB port of
any windows compatible desktop PC or notebook PC.
D-Link's speakerphone, too, is an USB phone handset
equipped with a regular dialling keypad and features
few special function keys, a built-in speaker and
integrated microphone.  
The D-link is also fully compatible with Microsoft's
NetMeeting, MSN Messenger Service, Yahoo Messenger,
and other popular VoIP services for Windows XP/2000
Other features of D-Link DPH-10U USB VoIP phone
include an integrated speaker and microphone, and
there is no need for an external power adaptor as it
power from USB port itself, hardware audio controller
for effective echo cancellation and noise reduction,
full duplex support and facility to record the
conversation directly on host PC's hard drive by
simply the press of a button on the handset. The
D-Link DPH-10U USB VoIP phone is available at an
price of Rs 1,175.  
Peripherals manufacturer Logitech too has a few
impressive VoIP audio gear. For example, the PC-based
speakers from Logitech, the Z-5500. A basic Plug and
Play affair and you are ready to work with both
Windows XP/2000 and Mac OS X environments.  
But in case, your computer has a high-end soundcard
then you are better off with a conventional non-USB
headset.When making long calls, a headset with
microphone proves comfortable. The premium USB Headset
350 is reasonably comfortable and has a sound quality
that is hard to find on VoIP headsets. At
around Rs 17,00 it represents great value as well.    

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