[AI] scanner related query

Abdul Razique Khan 1988.abdul at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 13:31:21 EDT 2007

Hello my friend,

I dont know what is the cause of this problem but I, more or less scan in 
the same way you have described. I scan the pages in the MS Office document 
Scanning which is available in MS Office 2003. Now, all these options which 
you are talking about is available in it and I am able to save a lot of time 
. I follow the steps which you have followed but I dont know what have you 
done to convert the image file into text. In my case, I choose the convert 
to Omni Page submenu by pressing the application key on the image file and, 
then select the desired format I want the text to appear in. But, I  have 
never faced such problems which you are facing.

Hope this helps,

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