[AI] Voice dictation, good deal

harish kotian hpkotian at rbi.org.in
Thu Sep 20 07:00:13 EDT 2007

Hello all

I arranged a demo of Dragon naturally speaking, a voice recognition software at my office.
I was very much impressed with the results of it.

To tell something about it, This software, sort of replaces the use of the keyboard. You can do all  functioning of the computer, navigating, editing, working on spreadsheet etc. 

Actually, I was looking it as an accessability tool by which we can give rest to our hands and save us from RSI related problems, regarding which we discussed on the list a few days back.
However, I discovered it could be very effectively used as a productivity tool. One can dictate at very high speeds, much more than what a person can type.

The accuracy rate is also very good. Without any training it recognised my dictation to almost 95%.

One can do all document formatting including making tables with voice. One can also use it with Excell very well.

The commands used too are very intutive and it would take just a few minutes to do most of the operation.

I checked on the price which is Rs.14,999. I enquired if he could give us for a special price. He readily agreed to give us a 30% discount. He would give furthur discount depending on volume.

The package includes a special noise cancelling microphone which itself costs arround Rs. 1,500 upwards. 1 license permitts you to make 2 installations like, a decktop and laptop.

This can be ideal for students, teachers, reporters, translators, transcriptionists, lawyers etc. It will also be a good tool for those who do a lot of correspondence.

For a brief demo, you can download this file:
Download Link (Public): http://up-file.com/download/6fcb73708281/DRAGON-1.zip.html 

It contains the dictation voice file and the dragon recognised text file 

This sunday noon you can also participate in a demo on Skype by our member who is using it extensively.

If you wish to participate in it, please give your Skype id on:
kotian at gawab.com 
hp.kotian at gmail.com

If you are interested in joining us in purchasing a copy, you can write on my Id given above.


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