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some body sk for it so i am pasting again
Thank you for requesting EASI's pamphlet on science and math accessibility. 
It will be attached to this email.

While providing access for students with disabilities to the fields of math 
and science are somewhat more complex and difficult than providing
accessibility to other fields, we want to encourage you to consider 
providing a system-wide accessible institution.  In September EASI's online
course, Barrier-free Information Technology provides a thorough overview of 
what is required to create the most level learning space in history
for students with disabilities.  Anyone who registers for the September 
Barrier-free Information Technology course will get a special bonus.  It
 is a 52-minute narrated PowerPoint presentation of the steps need to 
establish the policies and procedures to guarantee your institution will
achieve this goal.  Patching accessibility together later is what is hard 
and expensive.  Doing it from the beginning is what works.

Below is a link for you to read the full syllabus and register online:


Barrier-free Information Technology has the following 10 lessons to be 
covered in a month:

Lesson 1: Introduction and Reasons to Adapt Your Information Technology 
Lesson 2: What Is Adaptive Technology? (Computer Input/Output Problems and 
Lesson 3: Supportive Computer Applications for Users With Disabilities
Lesson 4: Accessibility of Electronic Devices, Computer Software and Online 
Lesson 5: Creating and Locating Alternative Media
Lesson 6: Providing Support for People with Hearing Impairments
Lesson 7: Access Issues of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math 
Documents in these fields make
significant use of graphs and diagrams and providing
Lesson 8: Using Accessible IT to Enable the Library to Serve the Former 
"print disabled"
lesson 9: Training Faculty and Staff
Lesson 10 policies and procedures

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