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I am not sure about the accessibility of the entire material, but one of the
online preparation site is www.800score.com, and the sample material
available seems accessible. But the entire material can not be accessible as
there are some charts and diagrams for such exams. 

 One might benefit if one can obtain books from RFBD (Recording for the
Blind & Dyslexic, www.rfbd.org), but now they do not send books for free,
after obtaining membership (for $85), one has to order for a book, for which
they charge $12 as they have to convert from DAISY CD to audio tapes.

GMAT is conducted through certified examination centers only, such as
prometric, which means one has to go to a center to take the exam, it is not
possible to do it from our home. and as per my knowledge one can not take
GMAT by using a screen reader, one has to take the help of a scribe to read
out the questions and tick the answers. 

I however not taken GMAT, but I did take Java certification from prometric,
and they were very helping.

Dinesh Kaushal

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A rather ambitious friend of mine wants to prepare for GMAT in 10 days time.
He is Visually Impaired and wants to know if there are materials on-line
accessible to visually impaired. Particularly, he would like to know if
there are math problems and exercises. This friend is also interested to
learn about taking the test -how accessible is the computer aided tests
widely conducted in India these days or is it possible to log-on to a
website from where one can take the test. Your responses are eagerly
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