[AI] New member introduction

m tajudeen thaj.eng08 at yahoo.co.in
Sun Sep 16 20:23:26 EDT 2007

   Dear friends,
I am thajuteen a visually-challanged person right from my birth.
I came to know about this exciting group very recently.
I am lecturer by proffession and a life-long challanger of imposibilities by conviction.
I am living in a city called Karaikal in the u.t. of Puthucherry formerly known as Pondycherry.
I look forward to a cordial and long-lasting relationship with all the members in the days to come.
I thank mr. Kiran for creating this virtual environmet to discuss issues of greater importance to our day to day life.
    with regards,
    M. Thajuteen.
e-mail thaj.eng08 at yahoo.co.in thaj.mr at gmail.com
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