[AI] DVD sized disc with 1TB - 5TB of data

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DVD sized disc with 1TB to 5TB of data
A Jerusalem-based company wants to solve your craving for 
higher-than-Blu-ray capacities on discs the size of DVDs within the next 
few years. Mempile
has developed a disc around the same size as a standard DVD disc 
(although a little bit thicker) which it says could store up to 1TB of 
data, or up to 5TB when the move is made to blue lasers after it reaches 
its red laser goals. For comparison, a dual-layer Blu-ray disc stores 
50GB, HD DVD can reach 30GB and the standard DVD stores up to 8.5GB.
The 1TB of data would be stored on 200 layers of 5GB each, but do not 
think of the layers as being the same as layers in today's widely 
available optical discs. Mempile's solid discs use a specially developed 
variant of the polymer polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)—a mixture of 
Perspex, Lucite, and Plexiglass—known as
.. In DVD and Blu-ray, layers are stacked and stuck together.
Mempiles discs are comprised instead of "virtual layers"
and during recording a photochemical reaction is used to modify the 
plastic, writing a "1"
or leaves it unchanged to represent a "0"
.. This 3D approach allows for much higher data storage than the 2D used 
by DVD technology. Right now, the technology is limited to "write-once"
but the company hopes that read/write drives will be available in the 
The company's prototypes for now reach around 600GB - 800GB capacity. 
The company claims that the discs have a lifespan of 50 years and that 
the technology could be brought to the market within three years.

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