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Host your own website from any PC 

K. T. Jagannathan 

Infinishare develops 'Purplenova' software 

CHENNAI: Can an Internet-connected PC (personal computer) play a web server? Thanks to Purplenova , a software developed by Pune-based Infinishare Technologies,
it is now possible to host websites, picture albums, multimedia files, documents as well as web services right from a home PC.

"We believe that this technology will provide people a web-hosting alternative that did not exist before. It not only gives users an 'unlimited hosting
plan' straight from home but also enables them to share information across various portals more efficiently and effectively at much lower costs," says
Milind Pandit, Vice-President (Marketing) of Infinishare Technologies.

The software allows a user to host/share content directly from any net-connected home PC. Purplenova assigns an URL (uniform resource locator) to each hosted
file. Anyone can use this URL to access the hosted file over the Internet, using a standard browser. 

Purplenova, according to Mr. Pandit, is an ideal method to host one's own website (often called "vanity sites") from a PC. This obviates the need to go
to a 'service provider' and sign up for a hosting plan. "With Purplenova, you are only limited by the size of your hard disk. If you have a 120GB hard
disk, you can host 120GB content and any applications you like. You are getting more from your investment in your computer and internet connection," Mr.
Pandit adds.

The basic Purplenova version is free, and Infinishare is charging Purplenova Lite users Rs. 60 a month. For Purplenova Pro, it is charging Rs. 200 a month.


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