[AI] School admissions for the visually challenged.

Sudhir R (NeSTIT) sudhir.r at nestgroup.net
Wed Sep 12 23:57:15 EDT 2007

Good morning, folks !

Our lil' state of Kerala which boasts of 100% literacy seems to be throwing up the maximum number of stumble-blocks when it comes to delivering the most elementary of rehab inputs to visually challenged youngsters, education.

We have a sad case on our hands where a smart, 4 year old girl suffering from low vision has been refused admission to the LKG class by most of the good schools at Kochi.  The only course open to her now seems to be getting admitted to one of the schools for the blind where the teaching standards are not so good.

In this context, I would like to know how the situation is in other states of India, especially in the metros.  Do elite schools run by private managements open their doors to our brethren ?  Or, do we have recourse only to Government-run schools or schools for the blind ?

I would also like to know the applicability of the reservation benefit under the PWD Act to private educational institutions that are run with government aid.  In Kerala, we have lots of these so-called aided schools that survive on tax payers' money and hence can't theoretically refuse admission to the physically challenged.  Pl comment.

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