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> Zoom-Ex portable scanner, which, according to its manufacturer ABISee 
> Inc., is three tools in a single one-pound USB device: 1. an instant 
> book-to-speech tool; 2. a fast, 20-page-per-minute scanner plus OCR 
> (optical character recognition); and 3. a magnifier with no need for an 
> X-Y table.
>     ABISee's Web site says, "The durable but lightweight design of the 
> Zoom-Ex Portable Scanner consists of a 2-1/2-inch digital camera on a 
> specially designed stand, which also serves as a guide for lining up the 
> book or document to be scanned.  Because of the unique camera and stand 
> design, the camera is always at the exact distance needed to create a 
> clear image, and a blind user will always know exactly where to place the 
> material to be scanned."  The Zoom-Ex costs $2,395.  Call 800-681-5909 or 
> 978-460-0480, or visit www.abisee.com.
> LevelStar A company which produces a pocket-sized PDA with a 30GB hard 
> drive for music and digital book storage.  The unit, which has Wi-fi and 
> Bluetooth capability, also contains a Web browser, word processor, voice 
> recorder and an e-mail client.  The keypad is like that of a traditional 
> telephone, which can be used alpha- numerically or with braille code. 
> External keyboards are also available.  Levelstar.com is the Web address, 
> and they also can be reached via telephone at 800-315-2305.  The price of 
> this device is $1,395.
>     Handytech, which specializes in braille displays, was also among the 
> vendors who packed the hall.  The company's latest product is a GPS 
> (Global Positioning System) receiver equipped with Way Finder Access 
> software for use with cell phones running the Symbian operating system. 
> At this point, AT&T and T- Mobile are the two providers with phones 
> running that system, and your monthly plan must include the data package. 
> Handytech will sell you a phone with speech software and a GPS receiver 
> for $1,295.  The map covers the entire United States.  Call 651-636-5184, 
> or visit www.handytech.us.
>     Accent Signage Systems Inc. creates custom ADA-compliant interior 
> signage for companies throughout the world.  Contact 800-215-9437, 
> 612-377-9156, or www.accentsignage.com
>     Ackley Appliance Service repairs braillers.  Contact 4301 Park Ave. 
> #540, Des Moines, IA 50321; 515-288-3931 or www.braillerman.com.
>     Ai Squared sells the BigShot and ZoomText Magnifier/Reader software in 
> addition to the ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard.  Contact 800- 859-0270, 
> 802-362-3612, or www.aisquared.com.
>     American Printing House for the Blind (APH) creates educational, 
> workplace and independent-living products and services for people who are 
> visually impaired.  APH has several catalogs, including Products; Daily 
> Living; Family Life; Bookstore; and Assessment.  This nonprofit offers 
> free subscriptions to Reader's Digest in braille and on four-track tape, 
> and Newsweek in braille.  Also, APH sells the innovative new MaximEyes 
> desktop video magnification system.  Contact APH Inc., 1839 Frankfort 
> Ave., Louisville, KY 40206; 800-223-1839, 502-895-2405, or www.aph.org.
>     At First Sight creates braille jewelry.  Call 800-630-6650, or send 
> e-mail to atfirstsight at ligondesign.com.
>     All Star Brailler Repair guarantees its work for a year.  Contact 947 
> Delaware Ave., Mendota Heights, MN 55118; 651-343-2505, 
> www.braillerrepair.com or alanstomba at visi.com.
>     Audio Bibles for the Blind, a division of Aurora Ministries, provides 
> free cassette Bibles in a number of languages and in English on both tape 
> and CD/MP3.  Contact P.O. Box 621, Bradenton, Florida 34206; 941-748-3031, 
> bibles at auroraministries.org or www.auroraministries.org.
>     Bartimaeus Library for the Blind is a lending library of contemporary 
> Christian literature on cassette.  This free service is available on 
> regular-format cassettes; the borrowing time is one month.  Catalogs are 
> available in large print and on tape.  Call 763-561-6955, or write to 3607 
> Woodbine Lane N., Brooklyn Center, MN 55429; 
> bartlibraryfortheblind at juno.com.
>     Blind Signs developed Detectable Directional Guidance Systems to make 
> public or private pedestrian areas safer and more accessible.  The 
> system's brightly colored markers, which have an adhesive backing, can be 
> applied to crosswalks, ramps, public entryways, transportation gates and 
> even stairways.  Contact 800-873-0594, 541-538-0202, or 
> www.blindsigns.com.
>     Bumpy Pages makes affordable braille and large-print products, 
> including greeting cards, menus, business cards, clear adhesive labels, 
> adjustable bookmarks and dedication CD's.  Contact 972-414-5678, or 
> www.bumpypages.com.
>     Capital Accessibility's Owasys 22C is a talking screenless cell phone 
> that costs $249.95 with a two-year service plan from T- Mobile.  Contact 
> 877-292-2747, 202-595-7777, or www.screenlessphone.com.
>     CaptionMax provides closed-captioning, encoding, subtitling, Webcast 
> captioning and audio description for corporations.  Contact 
> www.captionmax.com, or 800-822-3566.
>     Closed Caption Latina specializes in the design and implementation of 
> technological solutions for closed-captioning, computer-aided real-time 
> translation, video description, subtitling and dubbing.  Contact 
> www.closedcaptionlatina.com, or 407-389-0712.
>     Dolphin Computer Access Inc. sells access software, alt-format tools, 
> mobile tools and hardware.  Contact 866-797-5921, 609-803-2171, or 
> www.dolphinusa.com.
>     Duxbury Systems Inc. creates braille software that supports 
> uncontracted and contracted translation in many languages as well as 
> graphics, mathematics and technical braille.  Contact 
> www.duxburysystems.com, or 978-692-3000.
>     Easter Seals is a partner of the National AgrAbility Project, which 
> assists disabled people employed in production agriculture on both large 
> and small farms.  The project links the Cooperative Extension Service at a 
> land-grant university with a private nonprofit disability service 
> organization to provide practical education and assistance that promotes 
> independence in agricultural production and rural living.  The Cooperative 
> State Research, Education and Extension Service, an agency of the U.S. 
> Department of Agriculture, administers the AgrAbility Project.  In 
> partnership, the National AgrAbility Project staff at the University of 
> Wisconsin (866-259-6280) and Easter Seals (800-914-4424) provide training, 
> technical assistance and information on available resources to the state 
> AgrAbility Project staffs.  They provide training, site visits, on-farm 
> assessments, technical assistance, and other information directly to the 
> farmer or rancher with a disability.  Visit www.agrabilityproject.org.
>     E-mail2phone allows blind and visually impaired people to access 
> e-mail via the telephone.  Contact Brad Canham, 952-513-4392, ext. 208, 
> bradc at dana-net.com, or www.email2phone.net.
>     Envision America is a private, not-for-profit agency that uniquely 
> combines employment opportunities with rehabilitation services for Kansans 
> who are blind or have low vision.  Envision is one of the largest 
> employers of individuals who are blind or low vision in a six-state 
> region, and it also operates retail stores on 15 military bases.  Contact 
> 2301 South Water, Wichita, KS 67213; 316-267-2244, or www.envisionus.com.
>     Enabling Technologies designs, manufactures and supports braille 
> embossers.  Contact 800-777-3687, 772-225-3687, or www.brailler.com.
>     Friends-in-Art is an organization of blind and sighted persons in 
> visual art, tactile art, music, writing, drama, photography and other art 
> forms.  The group sponsors an annual showcase at the ACB national 
> convention.  Write to 400 W. 43rd St. #20L, New York, NY 10036.
>     Freedom Scientific creates screen-reading software, magnification 
> software, and other products for accessible scanning and reading as well 
> as braille displays, notetakers and an accessible PDA.  Contact 
> 800-444-4443, 727-803-8000, or www.freedomscientific.com.
>     GW Micro's products include Window-Eyes, the screen-reading software; 
> the Braille Sense, which offers notetaking and entertainment in a single 
> package; the Small-Talk Ultra palm-top computer; the SenseView portable 
> CCTV; the Voice Sense, a small, light PDA with a Perkins- style keyboard; 
> and the SyncBraille portable braille display.  Contact 260-489-3671, or 
> www.gwmicro.com.
>     HandiWorks sells a variety of "handy" products for people who are 
> blind or visually impaired.  Contact 17216 Saticoy St. #418, Van Nuys, CA 
> 91406; 800-331-6123, 818-704-7511, or www.handiworks.com.
>     Humanware makes myReader, a low vision auto-reader; the SmartView 
> desktop and the portable PocketViewer magnifiers; the Victor Reader family 
> of digital talking books; the BrailleNote personal information-management 
> systems; Maestro, an accessible PDA with speech; the ScannaR, which scans 
> and reads documents in seconds; the Brailliant range of braille displays; 
> and two GPS-based orientation solutions.  Contact 800-722-3393, 
> 925-680-7100, or www.humanware.com,
>     In Touch Graphics creates high-quality tactile maps in both permanent 
> display and portable formats.  Contact 612-220-6657, or 
> www.intouchgraphics.com.
>     InternetSpeech.com's netECHO service lets users listen to any Web site 
> by calling a toll- free telephone number.  The company also provides 
> customized audio-based Internet solutions to businesses.  Call 
> 877-312-4638, 408-360-7730, or visit www.internetspeech.com.
>     The Internal Revenue Service--Stakeholder Partnerships, Education and 
> Communication organization educates taxpayers with disabilities on 
> available tax credits, deductions and free tax help.  Visit www.irs.gov, 
> keyword Community Network.  The IRS also has several pamphlets for 
> disabled people available, including one in the LifeCycle series, "Living 
> and Working with Disabilities," with information about pertinent 
> publications and the VITA program, volunteers who do taxes free for people 
> with low to moderate income.  Call 800-829-1040.  Also, the Alternative 
> Media Center provides IRS products in many alternate formats.  Contact 
> 800-829- 3676, or altmc at irs.gov.
>     Innovative Rehabilitation Technology Inc. (IRTI) specializes in a wide 
> range of assistive technology hardware and software tools.  Contact 
> 800-322-4784, or www.irti.net.
>     Kurzweil Educational Systems's Kurzweil 1000 software scans and reads 
> aloud print documents and digital files (such as eBooks or e-mail). 
> Contact 800-894-5374, or www.kurzweiledu.com.
>     The Low Vision Store.  This Minneapolis business sells adaptive 
> equipment for work and school, including magnifiers, CCTV's, used 
> equipment--even an affordable large-print calendar to rival the Ziegler 
> Magazine's!  Contact 800-871-8780, or www.thelowvisionstore.com.
>     Maxi-Aids sells a wide variety of assistive products for people with 
> visual, hearing and mobility impairments.  They also have household, 
> technology and medical/health products.  Call 800-522-6294, 800-281-3555 
> (TTY), or visit www.maxiaids.com.
>     Piano Boutique.  William Benjamin's business card says, "piano tuner 
> extraordinaire" and "The tuner alone preserves the tone."  Contact him at 
> 2625 Mahan Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32308; 800-297-1861, or 
> www.pianoboutique.biz.
>     Polara Engineering Inc. manufactures  accessible pedestrian products, 
> such as accessible pedestrian signals and ADA-compliant pedestrian push 
> buttons.  Its Navigator APS provides audible and vibro-tactile features 
> for all pedestrian phases, while the BullDog Push Button offers durability 
> and state-of-the-art electronic technology.  Contact 888-340-4872, 
> 714-521-0900, or www.polara.com
>     QuikScrybe Inc. is a one-stop transcription shop for all braille, 
> sight-saving large-print and audio CD needs.  Contact 303-485-6895, or 
> www.quikscrybe.com.
>     Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic's library contains an extensive 
> collection of audiobook titles in a broad variety of subjects at all 
> academic levels.  Anyone with a documented disability that makes reading 
> standard print difficult is eligible to use RFB&D's audio textbooks, but 
> they must become a member.  Contact 800-221-4792, or www.rfbd.org.
>     RJ Cooper and Associates carries special software and hardware 
> products for persons with special needs.  A very nice man, Louis Herrera, 
> showed me two of them: an accessible mp3 player as well as the Thunder 
> screen reader, which plugs into a Windows computer with a USB port.  This 
> portable, simple and powerful screen reader is tailored for blind people 
> who may be new to using a computer, or who need a simpler, cheaper 
> alternative to more costly (and comprehensive) programs.  Contact 
> 800-752-6673, 949-582-2572, or www.rjcooper.com.
>     Sendero Group manufactures GPS products, including the BrailleNote, 
> VoiceNote and other adaptive technology.  Contact 888-757-6810, 
> 530-757-6800, or www.senderogroup.com.
>     Serotek Corporation has developed a network that enables users 
> requiring adaptive technology to access the Internet, e-mail, chat rooms 
> and shopping while using the simple FreedomBox designed interface.  Over 
> the years, Serotek has added products that allow users with varying 
> disabilities the freedom to access computers outside their homes.  Contact 
> 866- 202-0520, or www.serotek.com.
>     Sighted Electronics Inc. manufactures braille displays, braille 
> embossers, braille notetakers, screen readers and screen magnifiers. 
> Contact 800-666-4883, 201- 666-2221, or www.sighted.com.
>     The Social Security Administration has produced the pamphlet, "Working 
> While Disabled- -How We Can Help."  Contact 800-772-1213, 800- 325-0778 
> (TTY), or www.socialsecurity.gov.
>     Talking Tabs teaches guitar using all-audio music instruction on CD's. 
> Contact 800-660-6850, or www.talkingtabs.com.
>     TalkingThermostats.com sells several thermostats that talk.  Contact 
> P.O. Box 27145, Golden Valley, MN 55427-0145; 800-838-8860 or 
> 763-591-9557.
>     Tenacity Corporation's newest software is Access A Phone, which is 
> designed to allow people with vision, mobility and cognitive impairments 
> to utilize the full functionality of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 
> telephones with ease and comfort.  Contact 866-756-0321, or 
> www.tenacitycorp.com.
>     According to the FCC.gov Web site, VoIP technology allows you to make 
> voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or 
> analog) phone line.  Some VoIP services may only allow you to call other 
> people using the same service, but others may allow you to call any 
> telephone number.  Also, while some VoIP services only work over your 
> computer or a special VoIP phone, other services allow you to use a 
> traditional phone connected to a VoIP adapter.
>     Vision Cue offers a select assortment of braille, low-vision and 
> speech products from a variety of key manufacturers.  Contact 4858-A S.W. 
> Scholls Ferry Road, Portland, OR 97225; 888-318-2582, 503-297-1510, or 
> www.visioncue.com.
>     WGBH/Descriptive Video Service provides descriptive narration of key 
> visual elements, which is then inserted within the natural pauses in 
> dialogue to help low-vision viewers to better understand the story. 
> Descriptions are accessed on TV programs via the Second Audio Program 
> (SAP) option, which is standard on most contemporary TV's and VCR's.  DVS 
> descriptions are currently available on: 169 PBS stations nationwide; 
> Turner Classic Movies cable network; selected series on the CBS, Fox and 
> Nickelodeon networks; feature films; large-format and IMAX films; and more 
> than 200 major home video releases available for purchase through the DVS 
> Home Video catalog or on loan at 1,300 public libraries nationwide.  No 
> special equipment is required, only a standard TV and VCR are needed to 
> enjoy home videos.  All videos are sold at the suggested retail 
> price--there's no additional charge for the description.  Described movies 
> are also available on loan from more than 1,200 public libraries.  To 
> purchase a DVS Home Video, call 317-579-0439.  To request a large-print 
> catalog, call 888-818-1999.  To request a braille catalog, call 
> 888-818-1181.  To hear a listing of the latest DVS Home Video titles 
> available or to hear a listing of television programs broadcast with DVS, 
> call 800-333-1203.
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