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4th Sep 2007
Dear Friends,
It gives me great pleasure to keep you informed that I received a letter
from R.P. Sahi, Jt. Director General, DGCA (Director General of Civil
Aviation) today. Their letter dated 30th Aug 2007 reference JDG/AT/2007.

They have appreciated our keen interest and contribution in the process
of development of the 'Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR), Section 3,
Series M, Part I on Carriage by Air of Disabled Passengers or Person
with Reduced Mobility' (Note the change in language - earlier it was
called Carriage of Physically Challenged Passengers by Air).

DGCA have considered our comments/ feedback and the CAR has undergone
substantial revision for the better.
Unfortunately, DGCA have not posted this revised version on their
website. They have send me the revised 10 page CAR as a hard-copy and
asked me to send the feedback within 2 weeks time as this revised CAR
would be made effective from 1st Oct 2007. 
Some of the salient features of the revised version that  'Promotes
independent air-travel and empowers persons with disabilities' are:
1.	It is no longer - the 'wooly' Physically Challenged. The revised
definition which is more comprehensive reads -  "3.1 Disabled person or
person with reduced mobility means any persons whose mobility when using
transport is reduced due to physical disability (sensory or locomotor,
permanent or temporary), intellectual disability or impairment, or any
other  cause of disability, or age, and whose situation needs
appropriate attention..." 
2.	4.4 - Many persons with disabilities do not require constant
assistance for their activities. Therefore, if the passenger declares
independence in feeding, communication with reasonable accommodation,
toileting and personal needs, the airlines shall not insist for the
presence of an escort. 
3.	5.1 No Medical clearance or special forms shall be required from
persons with disabilities or persons with reduced mobility who only
required special assistance at the airport for assistance in embarking.
disembarking and a reasonable accommodation in flights, but are
otherwise independent. 
I personally think this as a Victory and a time to Cheer. Once we are
through with Air Travel we must target the 'Rail Travel' and 'Road
Travel' and insist them to come up with Guidelines that creates an
enabling environment for persons with disabilities to travel freely and
as independently as possibly. 
I am travelling on work today, if you would like to get any further
details do write to me and I will reply in the following week...
Warm regards
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