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      Hai Friends, 
The following article that appeared in Hindu, on 6th
September brings in an expectation of relief.
  Tamil Nadu     

      Finger-friendly keyboard 
      Karthik Madhavan 

      It can be folded and carried around easily 

      Photo: M. Govarthan 
      Affordable too: This soft keyboard is foldable,
light and easy to carry. – 

      SATHYAMANGALAM: Are your fingers tired of
punching one key after another 
      in the computer keyboard? Having suffered, ever
wondered of an alternative 
      say, a keyboard that loves your fingers?
      Well, the solution is in sight and at hand.
Bannari Amman Institute of 
      Technology students have come up with a keyboard
using a printed circuit 
      board, a rubber sheet and fabric that is easy on
      D. Gowthami, V. Subanandhini, B. Sahithya and G.
Durga Priyanka, third 
      year students of the Department of Fashion
Technology, have covered a 
      printed circuit board with the rubber sheet and
a fabric to come up with a 
      keyboard. It has a software to go with it as
      Ms. Subanandhini says she stumbled upon the idea
while browsing through 
      the net for an idea for the Futura exhibition.
The exhibition is a 
      five-day event the Institute organises to
showcase students’ talents in 
      science and technology.
      The girls then got together and came up with the
keyboard, which weighs 
      just 240 gm, 600 gm less than the conventional
keyboard. Not only that, 
      the cost of manufacturing is also less.
      On a commercial scale we can manufacture it for
about Rs. 400, says Ms. 
      Gowthami. A normal keyboard costs around Rs.
      The keyboard can be folded, and carried around
easily. The outer fabric 
      can easily be washed as well. The girls say the
can further fine tune it 
      have a stain-resistant and wrinkle-free cloth as
      They next propose to weave cloth with conductive
silk yarns, so that the 
      keyboard is of the size of a hand kerchief.
      As one hears the girls and begins to experiment
on the keyboard, the 
      fingers inadvertently, dance around the keyboard
to type thank you, well 

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