[AI] Vidya Sagar launches websites for scribes

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      Tamil Nadu - Chennai     

      Vidya Sagar to launch website for scribes 
      Staff Reporter 
            A databank of scribes and students will be

      “Others with neurological problems, autism and
learning disabilities too 
      need scribes”
      A Government Order to this effect will make the
process much simpler: 

      CHENNAI: There is a shortage of people to write
exams for persons with 
      disabilities, according to Vidya Sagar, a
voluntary organisation working 
      with people with neurological impairments. 
      To create a greater awareness of the need for
such people (scribes), and 
      to bring together scribes and disabled people
who need them, it is 
      launching a website — www.iscribe.co.in — on
      Many people can scribe and even want to but do
not know whom to contact or 
      how to go about it, Rohini Ramesh, co-ordinator
(resource) of Vidya Sagar, 
      said. “The website will create a databank of
scribes and students and 
      match their profiles,” she added.
      Dipti Bhatia of Vidya Sagar said all that was
required for a person to 
      become a scribe was the ability to listen, write
clearly and if necessary, 
      see what non-verbal students pointed to in
charts, she added. 
      The use of scribes by visually challenged people
is common knowledge but 
      many do not realise that others with
neurological problems, autism and 
      learning disabilities too need scribes, Ms.
Bhatia said. 
      “We have a limited circle of people we can
contact. The website will widen 
      the circle,” she said.
      The website has an introductory page explaining
the need for scribes and 
      what is required to become one. Another page is
meant for students to 
      explain what they need while another profiles
potential scribes. 
      According to Ms. Bhatia, the laws provides for
visually disabled persons 
      and those with dyslexia to have scribes to write
their exams. 
      But persons with other motor or neurological
disabilities too need them. 
      Though every person with a disorder who has
applied for a scribe has been 
      granted one, a government order to this effect
would make the process much 
      simpler, she said.

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