[AI] Walking stick with some difference

Atul Ranjan Sahay arsahay at accessindia.org.in
Sat Sep 8 01:06:01 EDT 2007


A week back, I saw an advertisement from www.homeshop18.com about this walking stick basically meant for the elderly persons. Out of curiosity and also because my old age is not too far, I ordered for one. Yesterday, I received the product. It's very strong with a good grip and can be broken into pieces. It has a torch built in the grip and a small button which makes the grip vibrate and massage the palm. My common sense says that this massage should help us keep our palm and fingers in good shape and counter the bad impact of using keyboard for long hours which many of you discussed a few weeks back. A part of the grip can be unlocked and rotated to work as hand charger for supporting the torch and the massager. This stick is also adjustable in length by about 1 to 4 inches. However the tip of the stick is made of rubber and so it may not work as a good mobility device for those who use white cane for walking on the road and for differentiating between different type of surfaces. As I use white cane for limited durations and in known/predictable areas, I am fine with the hard rubber tip.

I am going to use this cane during my forthcoming expedition to Aid Kailash (16500 ft. above sea level) from September 14-30 along with Ms. Bachendri Pal, the first Indian lady to climb The Everest. I will not have to carry a torch with additional cells as required from all participants   and the strong rubber tip should also prove to be an advantage in the mountain where in any case I will be a part of 24 member team. The massager should also come handy during tough times.

This stick costs INR. 2000 and as mentioned earlier, is available from www.homeshop18.com


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