[AI] Accessible Mobiles with Talks.

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Sat Sep 8 22:30:21 EDT 2007

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Respected Sir,
You can go to http://www.ashishrohtagi.org There you will find a link
"mobile related links" There you will find a link that contains the
information of supported mobiles with Talks. You can also check
I think that minimum price for mobile should be somewhere around RS.
9000. N 72 is a good mobile but if you would like to listen music then
N 70 M will be more suitable for you. I am not sure but I have heard
that N 72 goes hang. And there is not a big difference between N 70 M
and N 72. Note that I am not doing the add of N 70 M. I am only
expressing my views. Sir please let me know if you find any good
With Regards,

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