[AI] Mail To AI

Venkat Devabattini venkat.devabattini at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 12:54:49 EDT 2007

@talking ATM's

  Is it reasonable for us to ask all banks to install talking facility at all ATM counters? Do they maintain the talking eqipment properly? How much business we, the VC people give to the banks?

  I am in favour of the idea of a trusted friend. In my opinion it's OK if we ask for talking ATM counters for metros and that too in selected areas. But, I think, it would be too much if we ask for talking ATM counters in all places. We must undoubtedly ask for ATM cards. We have to put more effort to that end.

  Coming to cheating, it equally affects all; Visually Impaired or Visually OK.

@Yahoo problem

  I read in Yahoo help that now Yahoo is giving POP access directly without the need of an emulator. Please someone throw some light on this.


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