[AI] website

pamnani kanchanpamnani at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 7 21:55:56 EDT 2007

Is there anybody who will design a website for a non visually challenged friend? if so write to me off the list. 
My friend is a famous professional and we could go to a professional web designer but I thought it would be nice if one of youll could do it. Both for the experience and for the contacts. 
She needs a website which will contain photographs, articles, FAQs and other information.most of the current informaition is ready. 
It needs to be updated atleast once a month. Will have to start with domain registration.
I was thinking that maybe after it is hosted and complete then her office can maintain it and keep uploading whatever they want. 
How many levels, linkss and size is for you to decide. Of course it must be accessable. 
it should be done within the next one month or so. 
its been delayed because I did ask a visually challenged friend to do it in Mumbai but he did not respond therefore I am putting it on the list. 
There is plenty of opportunity to experiment and get mileage. Kanchan  

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