[AI] discrimination

suresh jsirish.rvim at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 15:08:14 EDT 2007

dear all, 
my name is suresh
 i was   working  for company called manifest info services PVT LTD as human resource exicutive   
joined 6th aprel2006 till 6th september2007    
i was asked to  resign   imediatly  for not making lead  for that perticular  day  on 5th  at  8 30  PM,    
my MD asked  how many offers can you make tomorrow, 
 replyed saying 1 offer        
if not?
i will replace  offer   next day      then,
  md told their is no  next day   
i put my  best  effort  to make  one offer but i couldn't
end of the day  they call  me  to   resign  
i did not  utter   a word 
 as per company  norms i need to  serve notice time    
but they were so cruel to   make me resign on the spart   
i was helpless 
i am seeking for legal support please help me   
i am not a  libal for  company  in fact   i am acet
person with commited , honest and well   behaved 
which was surprising news  for  team mates   
 i don't  know  what to do next  

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