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YADAV, D. N YADAVDN at iocl.co.in
Fri Sep 7 05:42:00 EDT 2007

Hi list,

'Extreme dependence' could only be an exceptional case.  & I don't want to drag it to the extent to mean a blind person an unsocial being to be alone in the world without family friends or trusted ones around.  Besides, ATM operation consists of card & A pin which cannot be transacted in the absence of either.  APIN generation is so easy these days in many banks that you generate it yourself over your phone.  You may generate it every once a while you feel your APIN is out to somebody.  Money is one thing, trust is another.  But for me trust could be more than money too & my trustee could be far deeper than money matters, could be a point to reckon too.  We can manage most of the things ourselves but not all-this is true for every human being which, perhaps, conceived the idea of a family, society, etc.

'Talking ATMs' could be only a notional thinking everywhere because no bank would go extra miles in this direction to get virtually no business as such from blind community.  In such cases where you are extremely unattended, banks provide 'home service' today with some extra charges but there you need somebody to count your 'cash on demand' too.  Let's firm up our trust ties more than money & money & money.


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