[AI] Banks-Volunteers-an unviable suggestion

YADAV, D. N YADAVDN at iocl.co.in
Fri Sep 7 05:12:02 EDT 2007


Neither Website for ATMS nor volunteers can be endorsed on my part.  At first place, 'ATM operation' is not a big literature which needs a comprehensive website details to refer.  95-98% of all bank ATMS use same sequence of transactions with more or less same technology. so idea of a website on the above could not be less than strategic military operation to catch a mouse.  

Demonstration by volunteers on a memory sequence will no way in any case elicit a logical conclusion to allow ATM usage to a blind person by any authority for risk factors of losing the track even by the most intelligent by mere miss press of a button by mistake & all memories could not be same hence not applicable to a decision taken for a mass.

To my utmost belief, when a literate man signs a deed, he is supposed to: A. accept the liability involving risks therein, b. He is to bear the loss, c. He is committed to abide by the rules.  It's a general rule & hence applies to ATM too.  When I have signed to undertake the risk to use ATM bank is nowhere to figure out for a legal suit.  This is a case with every human being.  This should be our base to fight a case that being in loss of certain abilities, a blind cannot be treated subhuman.  Insurance co. too, perhaps, do not care much for a blind-more than an insect-when they announce to give no 'accidental benefits' to a blind-why?  We have to fight a ferocious battle reaching to Supreme Court of India to make the point very clear that what we sign we really mean it & on this head, if there is any loss, we'll be responsible to bear, bank nowhere.  In fact, a bank never bears even for a mass of general-they are only fussy about a blind person's banking transactions to use it as a tool.

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