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Kindly go through the following information.

Employment - Expanding Reach: A Career Seminar

Organized By Sponsored By

XRCVC, St. Xavier's College, Mumbai IBM


Employment - Expanding Reach

The Xavier's Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC) set up 
since the last four years, is a state of the art facility aimed at providing 
holistic education to the visually challenged students of the college and 
catering to the needs of other visually challenged people.

The XRCVC's work on the issue of 'Employment and Employability' has aimed at 
training the visually impaired with both the right skill sets and attitudes 
as also equipping them with the necessary know-how related to diverse career 
opportunities, thus equipping them to make suitable and appropriate career 

In order to meet this objective, the XRCVC is organizing this two-day Career 
Seminar targeting visually challenged students and other stakeholders. The 
objectives of the seminar are:

To give its participants an exposure to a wide range of career avenues - 
management, information technology, law, the social sector, academics, 
finance, health related services, media, etc.

To use the two-day seminar as a stepping stone for its participants in their 
individual career planning process

Programme Details

Dates: 13th and 14th Sep 2007 Time: 9.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.

Venue: International Conference Room, St. Xavier's College (Room no. 61, 3rd 

Hostel Building)

The Seminar will focus on the following fields:

Keynote address: A re-look at expanding horizons - Ms. Shanti Raghavan 
(Founder & Managing Trustee, Enable India, Bangalore)


Marketing - Mr. Divakar Kamath (Integrated Sales Lead - IBM India)

HR - Mr. Nagraj More (Deputy Manager -HR - BPCL)

Finance - Mr. K. Ramakrishna (General Manager - IDBI)

Computer & IT - Ms Shanti Raghavan

Health and Fitness:

Physiotherapy - Mr. Dyson Sambrya (Asistant Physiotherapist - Hinduja 

Nutrition & Diet - Ms Hetal Shah (Consulting Dietician)

Social Sciences (careers related to psychology, social work, education, 

Social Work - Ms Sachu Ramalingam (Head - Vision Rehabilitation Centre at

Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital, New Delhi)

Education & Research - Dr Sam Taraporevala (Reader - St. Xavier's College

& Director - XRCVC)

Language and media related careers:

Language - Mr. Manas Ajgaonkar (Freelance Interpreter & Travel guide)

Media - Mr. Subramani L (Senior sub-editor - Deccan Herald)

Law - Ms Kanchan Pamnani (Advocate & Solicitor)

Planning for your career: Ms Neha Trivedi (Project Officer)

Dr Sam Taraporevala

Other fields to be covered: Government services and Self-employment


The seminar is open to any visually challenged person and other 
stakeholders. All participants are expected to submit a refundable deposit 
of Rs 150. The deposit will be returned at the end of day two provided the 
participant is regular for all sessions.

Participants interested in enrollment must contact Ms Neha Trivedi at the 
XRCVC at 22623298 or 22620661-5 (Extn 366) or write to 
neha at xrcvc.org
successfully complete the enrollment process. If you email please send 
across your contact details for us to contact you.

The last date for enrollment has been extended to Saturday, 8th Sep '07. So 
make sure you contact us before that.

Please hurry up and enroll yourself. Dont miss this opportunity.

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still not see...
"Helen Keler"
Have a great day!!

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