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Rajesh Asudani rajeshasudani at rbi.org.in
Thu Sep 6 05:44:29 EDT 2007

Well, the blind person may operate ATM machines in any one of the following 

1. Simplest and by far the most common way is to take assistance of one's 
trusted sighted person;
2. By remembering the exact sequence of options/menus after being told once 
by anybody;
3. By listening to talking menus/options, in case it is provided;
4. touch screen machines without talking features, not operable, but 
manageable with assistance of one's trusted partner.

It would be unfair to usher in a blind volunteer in a new ATM booth, not 
having talking features, without acquainting her/him with sequence of 
menus/options, and concluding that she/he can not operate ATM.

I can comprehend no issue in allowing a blind person use ATM in any manner 
1, or 2, above, she/he wishes, even if banks may not be compelled at this 
juncture to install talking once. They may, inn all fairness, be compelled 
to install at least one talking ATM machine in a wide area, or by any count, 
not to universalize touch screens.

We must convince bigwigs that no bank takes responsibility for any misuse of 
ATM of any customer, so blindness is immaterial.
Showing them practically how blind may use ATM, either by remembering or by 
assistance from one's trusted partner, or by listening to talking prompting, 
is tantamount to a move when women were, in the beginning, asked to furnish 
a medical certificate about their fitness to operate a typewriter!!!!!!!
Oh, god! Where has the intellect and abstract thinking vanished!!!!!!


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> Need Help Urgently
> need 3 Volunteers from Mumbai or volunteers who are willing to come to 
> Mumbai who will demonstrate to the RBI bigwigs that the Visually 
> challenged can and do use A T M.
> The bank does not matter since all banks have branches close to the R B I 
> in Fort area of Mumbai.
> My first strategy of sending complaints to the RBI Officials does not seem 
> to have worked fully.Some benefitted but in some cases the  banks are 
> adamant they are burying their heads like ostriches and not giving proper 
> answers. None of them say no but none of them are willing to put it in 
> writing because they know that they will be sued. There are currently 2 
> cases amongst our members which need to be resolved.
> The plan is to show the R B I officials that we can use ATM therefore they 
> need not fear for our security.
> Lets see.
> Kanchan Pamnani
> Advocate & Solicitor
> 9, Suleman Chambers,
> Battery Street, Colaba,
> Mumbai - 400 039.
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