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[Under the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities,

Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995]

Despatch Date: /// 7

Case No.3929/2007

Despatc-h No-q

In the matter of:

ShriS.G.S. Sisodia,

General secretary,

Indian Association of the Blind,

154/C, Delhi Administration Flats,

Sindhoran Kalan,



State Bank of India,

Through its General manager,

Central Recruitment & Promotion Department,

Corporate Centre, Nariman Point,



Date of Hearing: 2na August 2007

Present: Shri S.G.S. Sisodia -Complainant

Shri G.V. Par, Dy General Manager CRPD, SBI & Shri R.C. Agasinani, Asst General Manager (law), SBI for respondent


The respondent vide their letter dated 1st August, 2007 and during the hearing submitted that the basic objective of providing a scribe is to help the persons
with visual impairment to read and write the question papers which can be fulfilled by any scribe having minimum marks of 35% in any stream and there.,
is no rational behind increasing the marks up to 60% of the scribe as has been adopted by some other nationalized Banks. Hence no change in the eligibility
criteria for the scribe is needed. They further submitted that the Guidelines of the Government of Maharashtra is applicable to State Government and is
primarily for SSC/HSC Board/University and Educational Institutions Examinations where specific streams are there. Hence a person from one stream will
not be able to assist the student from other stream. However, for competitive examinations, a range of subjects that are of general interest are covered.
In case, the scribe is with higher percentage of marks, he may influence/assist the candidate, which may put the other candidates in disadvantageous position

2. The complainant submitted that the clause regarding scribe possessing ess than
50% qualifying marks is unfair as the Board Examinations now have objective and
ghort answer question papers because of which students are scoring very high marks.
Scribe withless than 50% marks is bound to be a poor student who may not be able to
comprehend the papers and thus read out properly leading to wastage of valuable time.
Similarly he may misunderstand while writing. The ,respondent should make
appropriate arrangements so that the scribe writes what. ever. is dictated by the student,
rather than putting him at a disadvantage in such crucial examination.

4. Consequent to the discussions, the respondent agreed to increase in the

eligibility criteria of marks for a scribe up to 60% for all the clerical examinations as an interim measure. However, they also requested for framing of
a common guidelines in the matter by the Commission or any appropriate authority.

5. In light of the above it was also decided to implead Banking Division, Ministry

of Finance as a party in the matter and the following directions were given:-


no 1 to intimate about the change in the criteria of qualifying marks for the scribe to all the candidates requiring scribe, within 2 days i.e. by 4tl August

Banking Division, Ministry of Finance (respondent no 2) in consultation with Reserve Bank of India and Indian Bank Association and the other stake holders
to frame general criteria for scribe for all recruitment under taken by Banks.

The hearing is next scheduled l8th October 2007 at 4:00 p.m. Both respondents to submit action-l(aken report on/before this date.

(Sunita Singh)


Warm regards,

Amit Bhatt
Media Spokesperson and EC member - Indian Association of the Blind
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