[AI] digital library of India

Rajesh Asudani rajeshasudani at rbi.org.in
Tue Sep 4 05:59:23 EDT 2007


I wonder whether anybody has tried to access digital library of india at:

If so, please tell your experiences.

I found that books are in image formats like tiff etc. to read which we would have to recognize them.

Besides, I was asked to install some  active x controll for viewing even those formats.

What I want to know in summery is that:

1. whether there is any single download link for the book of choice, or it has to be viewed page by page online.
2. Whether books are available in formats like RTF, HTML etc.?
3 Whether downloaded/online book may be read by screen reader without further processing.

If the anser is negative, particularly to the second query, can we take some steps towards accessibility of such a vital resource which contains almost one lakh books, including 63000 in English and which is proposed to be one million book universal library?

Sincerely hoping to hear


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