[AI] Brief note on Dual SIM mobile phone

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Brief note on Dual SIM mobile phone

Q: My work entails frequent travel across the country.
I carry two mobiles, one personal and the other,
official. Is there any mobile phone that supports two
SIM cards, so I can be spared the hassle of carrying
two mobile chargers and handling two systems? 

A: Dual SIM mobile phones have now been introduced in
India. These support two SIM cards in a single
handset, so users can switch between two numbers or
Depending on the mobile model, you may use a
combination of one CDMA sim card and one GSM sim card,
use either both CDMA sim cards or both GSM sim cards.

In India, Spice Mobile launched the first dual-mode
mobile phones. It offers two variants, D-88 and D-80.
The D-88 Supports both GSM and CDMA, on the other
hand the D-80 can support two GSM connections. The
D-88 supports 1.3 megapixels camera, with 262K color
TFT display, MP3 playback, etc. 

Samsung and Tata Indicom have introduced India’s first
touch-screen based Dual SIM card phones named “Samsung
Duo”. According to Samsung’s Web site, you
can use two CDMA numbers or two GSM numbers or one
CDMA and one GSM numbers. Duo is a quad band device
supporting CDMA 800 & 1900 MHz bands and GSM 900
&1800 MHz band. The handset operates on the Tata
Indicom network as well as GSM networks in India and
internationally. You can switch between the two
easily without the need for restarting the handset.
Samsung Duo supports two SIM card slots that allow
operation of two numbers on Duo non-simultaneously.

It, however, supports call forwarding facility on both
GSM and CDMA, which facilitates incoming calls from
both the numbers. Call forwarding is, however,
network-dependent. The specifications are 262K TFT
display – 2.2 inch TFT Touch Screen, 1.3 megapixels
camera with 10X digital zoom, video recording, MP3
player, Micro SD card slot, support up to 1 GB of
external memory, Bluetooth support, handwriting
recognition, etc.

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