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Hello Friends

I rescently attended a seminar at Banglore organised by National book trust.

They have some of the books in Braille as well. I however, don't have that list.

I have collected the ink-print titles and I am pasting for your information.
NBT Popular Science Books

About Time

Bal Phondke

215 pp

Rs 70.00

ISBN 81-237-4103-0

Time assumes a mystic, surreal character when one realises that it has no beginning or end. It is eternal. It flows only in one direction, from the past to the future. This book tries to understand Time in its entirety, in a Vikram-Betal story format.

Chaos, Fractals and Self-organisation

Arvind Kumar

186 pp

Rs 50.00

ISBN 81-237-1596-X

The leaking tap in our bathroom exhibits chaos, the bronchial network of our lungs has a fractal structure and all of us are marvellous self-organising systems of Nature. In a lucid and non-technical account, the book explains some of these pioneering ideas that are destined to culminate in a new non-linear science of the next century.

Also in: Asamiya, Hindi, Marathi & Oriya.


A K Bakhshi

100 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-1458-0

The importance of energy in our daily life can never be overemphasised particularly in today's world when fossil fuels are in danger of being depleted. There is practically no activity which does not involve the transfer or transformation of energy. This book discusses its various aspects including the consequences of production and utilisation of energy on our environment.

Also in: Asamiya, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya & Tamil.

Fibre Optics

G K Bhide

94 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-2937-5

Based on the principle of total internal reflection and transparency of glass, the study of fibre optics is an exciting new field. This book describes how fibrescopes are used in surgery, and as cables by communication experts to carry telephone calls and by engineers for examining machines.

Also in: Hindi.

Joy of Making Indian Toys

Sudarshan Khanna

126 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-2244-3

This simple activity book teaches two things, namely, how to make 101 handmade toys which are playthings even today in remote corners of our country and how toys, simple in design and based on science and technology, can be made at home with discarded materials.

Also in: Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam & Oriya.

Nano: The Next Revolution

Mohan Sundara Rajan

179 pp

Rs 75.00

ISBN 81-237-4305-X

This book explains the basics of nanotechnology-the next revolution in our daily lives-its historical development, and the ongoing advances, including the pioneering work done in India.

Also in: Asamiya & Oriya.

Quantum Mystery 

Rajat Chanda

113 pp

Rs 36.00

ISBN 81-237-2180-3

The book discusses the laws of quantum mechanics, several amazing quantum phenomena and the progress in understanding the connection between the quantum and classical worlds. How the paradoxes arise and how to solve them has been explained in detail, besides highlighting the significance of Bell's theorem.

Also in: Hindi.

Radiation and Man

H C Jain

98 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-1143-3

A study of the natural and man-made radiation environment, dramatic discoveries in the field, problems and risks involved in the use of nuclear energy including the possibilities of malfunctioning of nuclear reactors and disposal of radioactive wastes versus its benefits when compared to other sources.

Robots and Robotics

M R Chidambara

94 pp

Rs 30.00

ISBN 81-237-0914-5

This small volume describes the robots and also how the New Age will open many new possibilities for their use in home and industry to the benefit of mankind.

Also in: Asamiya & Hindi.

The Illusive World of Virtual Reality 

Tapan Bhattacharya

158 pp

Rs 45.00

ISBN 81-237-1949-3

Man's innate desire for fantasising has been sustained considerably by the advent of computers. By mimicking reality, virtual reality creates fascinating illusions and stimulates various human senses.

The Telecom Story and the Internet

Mohan Sundara Rajan

209 pp 

Rs 60.00

ISBN 81-237-1754-7

An account of the latest technical developments in telecommunications and the impact of the exploding internet traffic is given in non-technical language.

Also in: Hindi

The Wonder Chip

K D Pavate

116 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-1493-9

This book attempts to explain the principles of silicon devices, some interesting aspects of their fabrication technology and the spectrum of their applications. It shows how the principles of electronic circuits in communication, computers, information and other systems have undergone a sea change with the advent of the integrated circuits.

Also in: Asamiya.

Wind Energy

Suneel B Athawale

60 pp

Rs 30.00

ISBN 81-237-0679-0

This book, through diagrams and illustrations, introduces the readers to the non-conventional source of energy and explains how wind energy can be converted into mechanical and electrical energy by windmills for supplementing our energy needs.

Also in: Asamiya, Hindi, Marathi, Oriya & Tamil.

A Drug is Born

Urmila Thatte & Sharadini Dahanukar

94 pp

Rs 35.00

ISBN 978-81-237-2864-3

Medicines and drugs are prescribed for all ailments. What lies behind their conception, from where they come and who discovered them-all this and more on the exciting world of medicine is described in this book in an interesting style.

Chemical Elements in the New Age

D V Jahagirdar

66 pp

Rs 35.00

ISBN 81-237-1121-2

This book provides interesting reading material on some lesser known aspects of chemical elements of the New Age, including their applications in superconductivity, computer and space research.

Also in: Asamiya & Hindi.



91 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 978-81-237-3958-3

A new form of carbon, totally different from the well-known diamond and graphite was discovered and popularly called buckyballs. These Buckminster fullerenes have hollow, cage-like shape. This profusely illustrated book describes their discovery, reactions and formation, along with their applications.

Material Marvels

B C Sharma

136 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-2812-3

This book describes the new materials developed by manipulating metals, ceramics and plastics-the composites-which are now being used in space travel, communication of information and replacing damaged parts of the human body.

Also in: Asamiya & Marathi.

Preservation of Art Objects and Library Materials

O P Agrawal

102 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-0643-X

All art objects, viz. stone sculptures, wooden objects, textiles, manuscripts, paintings, etc. are continuously subjected to dangers of damage and deterioration. This book acquaints the reader with the composition of art objects, their properties and behaviour under diverse conditions so as to facilitate their care, maintenance and preservation.

Also in: Bangla, Hindi, Marathi & Tamil.

Ravishing Radiance

Bal Phondke

81 pp

Rs 50.00

ISBN 81-237-3625-8

Discovery of ubiquitous and omnipresent radioactivity in the twentieth century ushered in the atomic age. The story of its discovery as well as its applications provide for fascinating reading. 

The Secrets of Proteins

Medha S Rajadhyaksha & Sukanya Datta 

108 pp

Rs 45.00

ISBN 81-237-3105-1

A peep into the world of proteins-their sequences, shapes, forms and functions besides their malfunctions and diseases due to malnutrition.

Water: The Matrix of Life

K K Mishra

112 pp

Rs 35.00

ISBN 81-237-3314-3

The astonishing properties and role of water as the 'matrix of life' have been presented in a semi-technical style. This book provides a deeper understanding of the most ubiquitous marvel of Nature.

Also in: Hindi.

Black Holes 

Jayant Narlikar

66 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 978-81-237-4374-5

A black hole is the ultimate manifestation of a region of strong gravity. The pull of gravity in a black hole is so strong, that even light cannot escape from it and time stands still. This book is a simple yet meticulous study of the circumstances under which a black hole is formed and its strange properties.

Cosmic Vistas

Biman Basu

131 pp

Rs 65.00

ISBN 81-237-3942-7

This book on celestial objects explains how with advances in technology, the telescope and other observation tools can reveal the real nature of celestial bodies like the Moon, the planets and Milky Way and how the refined techniques of observation can reveal gas clouds, quasars, pulsars and radiation.

Joy of Starwatching

Biman Basu

122 pp

Rs 45.00

ISBN 81-237-2657-0

The star-filled sky has fascinated mankind since prehistoric times. Today we know about the true nature of stars and their mind-boggling distances from us. This profusely illustrated book familiarises us with the constellations and helps in identifying individual stars with the help of star maps and diagrams.

Also in: Bangla & Tamil.

Space Today

Mohan Sundara Rajan

282 pp

Rs 75.00

ISBN 81-237-1027-5

A fascinating review of the marvels of the Space Age describing the trends and innovations in space technology, its applications and space explorations.

Also in: Asamiya & Tamil.

The Sun

Parul R Sheth

138 pp

Rs 55.00

ISBN 81-237-4424-2

This book will appeal to all those who are curious to know more about the wonders pertaining to the mind-blowing effects of our nearest star, on the natural events that occur on the Earth, on plants, animals and human beings.

Everyday Mathematics

R M Bhagwat

74 pp

Rs 30.00

ISBN 81-237-1490-4

Mathematics is described as an art, the tool of science, the language of science and the queen of all sciences. This book on mathematics gives an account of the origin and development of mathematics, and helps in solving a variety of problems related to everyday living.

Also in: Asamiya, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi & Oriya.

Dinosaurs of India

Ashok Sahni

120 pp

Rs 50.00

ISBN 81-237-3109-4

This book describes our rich natural heritage of dinosaurs which goes back nearly 170 years, when Captain Sleeman found large dinosaurian bones and pertrified wood in Jabalpur Cantonment. This book also tells of the more recent finds of fossil remains in several states, particularly in the north-east region.

Impact of Science and Technology in Warfare

K V Gopalakrishnan

160 pp

Rs 50.00

ISbn 81-237-4060-3

Warfare has been a constant feature of human history and the most powerful impact on it has been due to the application of science and technology in the past few centuries. In this book scientific and technological breakthroughs are described and their impacts are also discussed.

Inventors Who Revolutionised Our Lives

K V Gopalakrishnan

198 pp

Rs 80.00

ISBN 81-237-4766-7

Biographical sketches of some of the great inventors who displayed tenacity of purpose by hard work and confidence in their abilities before achieving recognition for their discoveries.

Also in: Asamiya, Punjabi, Oriya & Urdu.

Marching Ahead with Science

Biman Basu & H J Khan

172 pp

Rs 60.00

ISBN 81-237-3486-7

When India gained Independence in 1947, it had no worthwhile infrastructure for the development of science and technology, nor did it have a sound industrial base. Yet six decades later, it is now a major technological power with the capability to design, build and launch its own satellites, nuclear power plants and supercomputers. The book presents an overview of our achievements. 

Of Science and Scientists

A N Kothare and others

232 pp

Rs 55.00

ISBN 81-237-0917-X

Although a lot is available in the form of biographies and writings of scientists, very little information is found on what made them not only great discoverers but humane too, blessed with humour, humility and humanism. This book conveys this very aspect of scientists who, while being involved in their unique adventure, are like us, the lesser mortals.

Also in: Asamiya, Kannada, Malayalam & Oriya.

The Great Aviation Story

R K Murthi

101 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-4390-4

This book presents the story of how the man's great dream of flying came true, how the technological advancements affected the evolution of aircraft, and how it changed the course of history.

The Story of Man

Biman Basu

84 pp

Rs 27.00

ISBN 81-237-2057-2

The story of man's evolution from the lowly tree-dwelling ape has all the ingredients of a thriller. As new clues emerge from fossil evidence, the story takes dramatic twists and turns, before a clear picture emerges. It traces how our distant ancestors gave up a life on the trees and learnt to walk on two feet, use tools and fire, and talk as we do now.

Also in: Asamiya, Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu.


A K R Hemmady

114 pp

Rs 55.00

ISBN 81-237-4207-X

This revised edition presents a geologist's perception of earthquakes, their cause, methodology of investigation, instruments used, prediction, precautions and economic implications. Few basic principles related to the design of earthquake-resistant structures, Bhuj earthquake and the controversy over the Tehri dam and reservoir-induced seismicity have also been briefly dealt with.

Also in: Hindi & Tamil.

Our Water Resources


104 pp

Rs 30.00

ISBN 81-237-0803-3

This book provides information on India's water resources derived largely from rainfall, which is generous but uneven in its distribution over time and place. This necessitates the need for gigantic projects for the control, storage and transfer of the available supply.

Also in: Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi & Tamil.

Man Inside the Sea

B F Chhapgar

196 pp

Rs 60.00

ISBN 81-237-1536-6

Man has always been fascinated by the seas and oceans and has ventured out for underwater research, exploration of the sea-bed, rescue operations and for commercial activities. This book discusses the steps taken by man in actual underwater living with the help of scuba diving, research submersibles, bathyspheres and bathyscaphes.

Also in: Asamiya.

Ocean Science and Technology

A K Malhotra

204 pp

Rs 50.00

ISBN 81-237-0140-3

An introduction to the basic principles, techniques and methods involved in offshore oil and gas production and explanation of how offshore platforms and terminals, harbours and ports are designed and operated, apart from the problems encountered in laying submarine pipelines and controlling oil pollution.

Science of the Oceans

A N P Ummerkutty

144 pp

Rs 55.00

ISBN 81-237-0468-2

The sea and the oceans, in spite of man's onslaughts on them, remain as mysterious, unknown and awe-inspiring as ever. This book introduces us to the science of oceanography and the immense potentialities of water around our shores for exploring and utilising them for the prosperity of our people.          

Also in: Bangla, Hindi, Malayalam & Marathi.

Ecology and Sustainable Development

P S Ramakrishnan

198 pp

Rs 70.00

ISBN 81-237-3622-3

Community participation in natural resource management, which is linked to sustainable development of natural and human-managed ecosystems, has been discussed in the book with concern for sustainable livelihood of rural societies in the short-term and sustainable development of the region, as part of a long-term plan.

Environmental Pollution

N Manivasakam

160 pp

Rs 55.00

ISBN 81-237-1034-8

At a time when environmental pollution is increasing day by day, this book, while discussing the general nature of pollution, examines in detail some of the major areas of pollution like air, water and soil, including thermal radiation and noise pollution and their deleterious impact on man and environment alike.

Also in: Asamiya, Kannada, Malayalam & Oriya.

Plastics: A Threat to Mankind


85 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 978-81-237-4629-6

This book explains the impact of plastics on the environment, human health and economy, and describes what all is being done to reduce our dependence on the plastics, which will eventually be beneficial to the mankind in the long run.

Also in: Asamiya.

Ways of the Weather

P A Menon

109 pp

Rs 50.00

ISBN 978-81-237-4453-7

This revised edition brings forth the concepts and practices adopted in observing and forecasting weather besides highlighting the impact of weather and climate on life and economy with particular reference to the Indian context.

Also in: Asamiya, Kannada & Tamil.

We Breathe and Drink Poison

N Manivasakam

120 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-1488-2

Beginning with the general nature of pollution, the book discusses the major areas of pollution like air, water and soil and how thermal radiation and noise pollution are casting a deleterious impact on man and his environment, posing a danger to all living beings. 

Also in: Asamiya, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi & Punjabi.

Endangered Animals of India and their Conservation

S M Nair

110 pp

Rs 45.00

ISBN 81-237-0187-X

Public awareness about our rich wildlife, the factors affecting the survival of the species and an understanding of how we can contribute to their well-being are the keys to successful conservation. This edition provides basic information on the rare and endangered animals of India and their conservation.

Also in: Asamiya, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Nepali & Tamil.

Exploring Speech & Language

Medha S Rajadhyaksha

124 pp

Rs 55.00

ISBN 978-81-237-4695-1

Language forges friendships, cultural ties, and economic relationships. Speech and language are so integral to our existence and individuality that its study has attracted scholars, linguists, philosophers and scientists, since time immemorial. This book is about sharing the taste and texture of words, and about how and why we used them.

Household Pests and their Management

Renuka Gupta

86 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-3751-3

In our quest for a comfortable life environment, we unwittingly provide favourable conditions for insects and pests to thrive. These pests suck our blood, spoil our food, and generally cause turmoil in our lives. This book presents information on household pests, how to identify and manage them at home level.

How Birds Fly 

Satish Dhawan

81 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-3738-6

Avian flight has fascinated man since ancient times, but it is only in recent times that we have been able to explain the dynamics of animal flight. The evolution of animal flight, description of structure and musculature of wings and feathers and elementary theory of lift and drag have been explained to elucidate take-off, landing and hovering of birds.

Human Behaviour

Sunil K Pandya

240 pp

Rs 75.00

ISBN 81-237-2121-8

This volume focusses on the roots of human behaviour and explains why diverse individuals behave differently under the same circumstances. It describes how our genetic make-up, the environment in which we are brought up, intelligence, perception, memory, learning, imagination and various innate drives force us to act and react as we do.

Microbe Saga

Bal Phondke

174 pp

Rs 50.00

ISBN 81-237-2098-X

Invisible but not insignificant, microbes are the oldest and simplest life forms on earth. This book highlights their crucial role in bread, beer, cheese, wine, pharmaceuticals and pesticide manufacturing units as also in bioremediation and recycling of wastes.

Social Life of Plants

Sukanya Datta

99 pp

Rs 45.00

ISBN 81-237-2938-3

Plants, like humans, form alliances with other plants and animals, wage war against enemies, employ mercenaries and use subtle strategies for survival. This book explains the interesting social life of the plant world.

Gene Play

Parul R Sheth

113 pp

Rs 45.00

ISBN 81-237-2336-9

This book takes a look at the future of the gene when the molecular engineers will readily succumb to the fascination of entering and rearranging the hereditary genetic material. It also discusses the possibilities of the endless productive permutations of life, unravelling the promise and the perils of genetic engineering.

Genetics Today

Jagjit Singh

242 pp

Rs 65.00

ISBN 81-237-1787-3

Explains the mystery of the mechanism of 'heredity' in virus, bacterium, plant, animal and man besides showing how the more we unravel it, the more improvements we can make in the cultivation of our basic food plants, breeding of domestic animals and combating heredity diseases.

Also in: Hindi.


K Subba Rao

70 pp

Rs 23.00

ISBN 81-237-0999-4

The human body does not remain at the peak of its powers endlessly. A slow but steady decline sets in with aging, which occurs due to a complex interplay of physiological, psychological and social factors. This book lucidly explains why and how  the aging sets in.

Also availale in: Asamiya, Bangla, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi & Urdu.

Asthma: How to Control It

M P S Menon

94 pp

Rs 35.00

ISBN 81-237-2179-X

This revised volume provides a contemporary account of a common though baffling ailment, which has been an enigma for thousands of sufferers who need help in handling their disability to their best advantage before seeking medical help.

Also in: Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi & Punjabi.

Ayurveda Unravelled

Sharadini Dahanukar & Urmila Thatte

138 pp

Rs 45.00

ISBN 978-81-237-1676-3

The science of Ayurveda is surrounded by mystery. It elicits different reactions, ranging from romantic revivalism to West-oriented rejection, from complete acceptance to total rebuttal. This book unravels some of the mysteries surrounding it, its basic concepts and governing principles as also simple home-made herbal remedies.

Also in: Bangla, Hindi, Kannada & Punjabi.

Body Clock

Parul R Sheth

175 pp

Rs 60.00

ISBN 81-237-4021-2

Almost every form of life, plant, animal or human being has an internal clock for measuring time, giving rise to rhythms. Rhythms are controlled by a 'biological clock' situated in the brain. This book describes how our internal clocks regulate the metabolism, physiology and behaviour, and in illness or travel across time-zones, shift work schedules, our body clocks throw the rhythm out of time.


S M Bose

112 pp

Rs 50.00

ISBN 81-237-3892-7

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases that affects mankind. This book provides a clear understanding of the disease, its causes, early danger signs, the modes of investigation, and its treatment and management.

Also in: Asamiya, Marathi, Punjabi, Oriya & Urdu.

Challenge of AIDS

Khorshed M Pavri

147 pp

Rs 50.00

ISBN 978-81-237-0175-2

AIDS research has attracted some of the finest brains among doctors and scientists of the world and yet an effective cure eludes us. This revised edition imparts knowledge about the disease and a realisation of the challenge that the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) poses to mankind.

Also in: Asamiya, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam & Urdu.

Dental & Oral Health for All

Abhijeet Kulkarni

94 pp

Rs 55.00

ISBN 81-237-4385-8

This book aims at educating readers regarding dental and oral diseases, the available treatment options and contemporary preventive strategies to maintain and improve oral health.


M C Maheshwari

100 pp

Rs 30.00

ISBN 81-237-0554-9

This book provides scientific information about the diagnosis, treatment and care of epileptics in our country where superstitions, false beliefs and misconceptions about the disease are widely prevalent and prove an obstacle in its effective control.

Also in: Bangla, Hindi & Punjabi.


M C Maheshwari

88 pp

Rs 30.00

ISBN 81-237-0970-6

Headache is the commonest of all painful conditions to affect man some time or the other. This very handy book explains the mechanisms of pain, warns of the dangers of frequent use of analgesics and emphasises the need for physical therapy and psychotherapy in facing the problem.

Also in: Gujarati.

Heart Disease and the Layman

S Padmavati

65 pp

Rs 30.00

ISBN 81-237-1217-0

The very mention of heart disease strikes terror in the minds of many. This book puts into proper perspective what heart disease means, its signs and symptoms, methods of examination and treatment, and explains the changes that occur when a heart becomes deranged in structure and function.

Also in: Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Tamil & Urdu.

Infant & Child Care

Subhash C Arya

220 pp

Rs 70.00

ISBN 978-81-237-4994-5

In the time of joint families, the advise and care of family members was easily available for bringing up a child easily. With more and more nuclear families coming up nowadays, where both parents are working, this book in Oriya comes as a valuable and handy method to bring up a healthy and happy child.

Learning to Live with Diabetes

M M S Ahuja

120 pp

Rs 45.00

ISBN 81-237-0704-5

Explains how diabetes can be controlled and how reduction in complications can be achieved by consuming foodstuffs with correct nutritive and caloric contents, keeping in mind the economic constraints of a country like India.

Also in: Bangla, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati & Tamil.

Mental Disorders

M S Bhatia

200 pp

Rs 60.00 (PB) Rs 250.00 (HB)

ISBN 978-81-237-4926-6 (PB)

ISBN 978-81-237-4928-0 (HB)

There is a lot of misconception about mental disorders. People still resort to exorcists, ojhas, tantriks, black magic and so on. With the advancement in the field of psychiatry, timely treatment and cure is now possible. This book aims to provide correct information about mental disorders for timely treatment.

Also in: Hindi

Modern Diagnostics

Anil Aggrawal

278 pp

Rs 80.00

ISBN 81-237-3317-8

On developing any physical problem, the doctor advises various diagnostic tests to find out what is wrong. This book tells all about the many diagnostic equipment like magnetic sensors, ultrasound machines, high tech computers, positron emissions, etc. that have brought a revolution in diagnosing disease and providing treatment.

Narcotic Drugs

Anil Aggrawal

161 pp

Rs 50.00

ISBN 81-237-1383-5

This book uncovers the mysterious aura surrounding drugs to provide answers to questions like what are they, why do they entrap a person in their clutches and how we can stay free of their mind-altering effects.

Also in: Asamiya, Bangla, Hindi, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil & Urdu.

Pain & Its Management

Sugandha A Karapurkar

82 pp

Rs 35.00

ISBN 81-237-4362-9

Pain is such a vast subject that it is difficult to understand its exact physiology, yet this book provides answers to many common problems regarding pain, in a simple and lucid style.

Prevention of Burns

Kalpana Sood Lal

75 pp

Rs 45.00

ISBN 81-237-4575-3

This book aims to spread awareness among people regarding frequent burn injuries, and lays emphasis on the preventions and precautions to be taken by each individual, whether at home or at work, so that burn cases reduce throughout the country.

Also in: Hindi

Pulmonary Tuberculosis

M P S Menon

334 pp

Rs 65.00

ISBN 81-237-2810-7

This book will be of interest to those involved in detection and control of tuberculosis as well as patients and their relatives whose understanding and cooperation are essential for the success of the Tuberculosis Control Programme.

Reaching Womanhood

Tarala Nandekar & Medha Rajadhyaksha

130 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 978-81-237-2763-9

Provides answers to questions on transition of young girls into the adult world while stressing on the need for knowing about their body, their sexuality, their reproductive health and their rights and responsibilities.

Also in: Asamiya.

Self-Care for Women

Parul R Sheth

156 pp

Rs 50.00

ISBN 81-237-2804-2

The book provides knowledge on the complex female body, its organs and systems, how they work and can be taken care of both externally and internally.

Also in: Bangla & Oriya.

Sense of Smell

Sarada Bulchand

99 pp

Rs 35.00

ISBN 81-237-3625-8

The sense of smell is one of the most primitive senses without which the world can be very bland. The book describes how the sensory system functions to generate attractive or repulsive responses across species, besides explaining the role of pheromones and aromatherapy, olfactory memory and smell disorders.

Skin and Hair

J S Pasricha and Ramji Gupta

210 pp

Rs 65.00

ISBN 81-237-4006-9

Written mainly to disseminate correct information on skin and hair diseases and remove myths and superstitions about their cure, this book provides guidelines on proper care of skin and hair and also explains some common skin diseases and their treatment modalities.


Birendra Nath Mallick

108 pp

Rs 35.00

ISBN 81-237-3623-1

Sleep and wakefulness are complex behavioural phenomena which are objectively identified by recording electrophysiological signals from the body. Both are interrelated-while one is active, the other remains subdued. The mechanisms of generation and regulation of sleep and wakefulness coupled with the role of sleep in normal life are beautifully discussed.

Some Common Ailments

Anil Aggrawal

98 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-0193-4

Are you troubled by an allergy or eczema? Do you get a nagging cold every winter? This book provides the answers to all these questions and other common ailments also, from which all of us have suffered too often, but about which we know so little.

Also in: Asamiya, Bangla, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Telugu & Urdu.

Stroke and Rehabilitation

M C Maheshwari & K K Singh

119 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-1727-X 

Stroke, one of the commonest neurological emergencies, is the third most important cause of morbidity and mortality in elderly people after cancer and heart attack. The book discusses some of the significant advances made in the understanding of stroke, its diagnosis and management.

Also in: Hindi.

The Brain: A Precious Possession

Gomathy Gopinath

95 pp

Rs 35.00

ISBN 81-237-1755-5

Tremendous advances in neuroscience research have generated a lot of information on the brain, its functions and diseases. This book is designed to impart the basic functions and capabilities of the brain and some of the common ailments that afflict it.

Also in: Bangla.

The Human Machine

R L Bijlani & S K Manchanda

162 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-1584-6

The complex human organism and the different functions of different parts of the body have been explained with illustrations and diagrams, with special reference to deviation in normal functions which we call disease.

Also in: Hindi & Kannada.

The Memory Mystery

Medha S Rajadhyaksha

108 pp

Rs 40.00

ISBN 81-237-1783-0

Our perceptions of the world around us, the skills, the facts and figures we learn, the emotional overtones of our lives, all these lodge themselves in our brain as memory, sometimes forever. Memory, however, is about forgetting as well. This well-illustrated book unravels what we know of the memory mystery till date.

Also in: Tamil. 

Versatile Vaccines

Parvinder Chawla

165 pp

Rs 95.00

ISBN 978-81-237-4611-1

This profusely illustrated book sketches, in a very simple language, the present scenario of vaccine development and emphasises the role of versatile vaccines in offering the most precious gift to a child-a chance to live a healthy life ahead.

Your Food and You

K T Achaya

112 pp

Rs 35.00

ISBN 81-237-1033-X

Discusses many fascinating aspects of food, including a balanced diet, the digestive system, food fads and taboos, and diets prescribed for babies, pregnant women, nursing mothers, etc.

Also in: Asamiya, Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu & Urdu.

A Manual on Dog Training

Gautan Unny

100 pp

Rs 55.00

ISBN 81-237-4831-0

This book is meant to help people understand the finer nuances of training their pets. It aims to make the pet owner understand that dog training is probably the most important aspect of rearing a pet. The most modern techniques have been written about to ensure that readers are up-to-date with the best methods used worldwide.

Care of Dogs & Cats

Vinod Sharma

83 pp

Rs 55.00

ISBN 81-237-4843-4

This book, written in a simple and lucid manner, deals at length with the care and management of pet dogs and cats. Especially meant for the lay readers and pet owners, it provides the basic details on various aspects of pet care like selecting the right breed, proper feeding, importance of training as well as exercise, social behaviour and much more.

Social Life of Animals

Sukanya Datta

110 pp

Rs 65.00

ISBN 81-237-3937-0

In the fascinating world of animals though communication is not like humans, they manage to convey their feelings through varied postures, use of chemicals, vocalisation etc. This book is a wealth of information on social life of animals-how crocodiles guide their young to water, the male penguin incubates the eggs, and many more interesting details.

Anthology of Science Fiction Short Stories

Rajshekhar Bhoosnumath

102 pp

Rs 50.00

ISBN 81-237-4704-7

A compilation of thirteen science fiction short stories in Kannada, this book includes stories of veteran as well as upcoming science fiction writers. The topics include robots, space travel, extra-terrestrial creatures, and more such imaginative areas.

Dinesh Chandra Goswami's Stories

D C Goswami

200 pp

Rs 65.00

ISBN 81-237-4382-3

This anthology of twenty short science fiction stories in Asamiya revolve around interesting themes like space-time continuum, response of brain neurons to induced frequency, etc. The author, in a subtle manner, has tried to explain the moral fallout of the mindless use of technology in our daily life.

It Happened Tomorrow

Bal Phondke (Ed.)

270 pp

Rs 55.00

ISBN 81-237-0619-7

This anthology of 19 select stories presents the trends in Indian science fiction where the basic theme, be it in any language, is primarily anthropocentric, dealing with the interplay between scientific developments and human emotions or societal foundations.

Also in: Asamiya, Bangla, Gujarati, Kannada, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Oriya & Urdu.

Once Upon a Blue Moon: Science fiction Stories

Sukanya Datta

172 pp

Rs 70.00

ISBN 81-237-4853-1

A delectable spread of twelve science fiction short stories, all poised at the point of the 'Just Possible'! Flawlessly blending scientific truths and the flight of imagination, the stories exemplify all that good science fiction should be. The fabric of each story is woven with warmth, understanding and humour with the warp and weft of science running through it.

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