[AI] Walkman powered with sugar-based bio battery

Jeet LoveForAll at bluebottle.com
Sat Sep 1 05:25:06 EDT 2007

Sony Corp.
 has taken a step forward by creating a battery that produces 
electricity by breaking down sugar. The company, which is one of the 
largest producers of batteries in the world, sees this as a breakthrough 
in bio battery technology. The bio cell, which measures 39 millimeters 
cubed and delivers 50mW, setting a world record for such a cell.
The battery uses glucose solution as a fuel. In example videos provided 
by Sony, a small fan is powered by the cell with a glucose-based sports 
drink. Another example shows four of the cells connected in series to 
deliver enough power to operate a
 music player. Sony's image was seriously hurt last year when the 
company issued a massive recall of lithium-ion cells.
Sugar is naturally occurring, making the technology the basis for an 
ecologically friendly energy source. Many electronics companies are 
currently researching technologies that could replace the dominant 
lithium-ion cells as a clean power source for portable electronics.

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