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Subject: Enhance your Windows Live Messenger security

Windows Live Messenger - Help

 stay safe and secure while you stay connected
Choose who can communicate with

With Windows LiveT Messenger, it's never been easier to control who you
communicate with. Simply follow these steps:
Step 1
>From the main Windows Live Messenger window select Tools, Options.
Step 2
Select the Privacy tab.
Step 3
Make sure the box is checked for "Only
people on my Allow List can see my
status and send me messages."
Keep your information personal

 - Enhance your PC security
Remember, it's important to keep your login information for Windows Live 
Messenger private. Certain websites could use it to spread viruses and 
on your own computer!

Help protect yourself while you're
see how.

. Follow these
simple guidelines
 before you provide your username to third parties
. Microsoft will never ask for your
password-so don't give it out
. Change your password regularly
here's how
. Add an alternate e-mail address if you haven't already.
. If you receive files or links from friends, confirm that they actually 
sent them before opening

If you've encountered a suspicious
site, report it to the
Anti-Phishing Working Group.
The Windows Live OneCareT safety scanner will
check files you share-for FREE!

>From the main Windows Live Messenger window
select Tools, Options.

1. Select the File Transfer tab.
2. Select the Scan files for viruses using
check box.
3. Click Browse to select your own virus scanning software, and then click 
4. If you want to use the free virus scanner for Messenger, click Install, 
and then follow the on-screen instructions.
5. Click OK.

To get round-the-clock protection and maintenance service, download the free 
90-day Windows Live OneCare trial today.

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