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I also feel it worth considering.
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> Dear Rajesh,
> I am currently working on preparing detail project report for E-governance
> initiative for department of social welfare, government of West Bengal 
> along
> with three member team.  We were hired by department of IT , government of
> west Bengal to e-enable the service.  One of the service which we are
> E-enabling is that issue of PWD identity card.
> the point which I am trying to make out is that if you ask them to include
> E-enabling of generating this certificate which should be recognized 
> through
> out India.  It would be great if this certificate could be issued as
> multi-purpose card such as to obtain concenssional railway ticket, air
> ticket, etc.   This would result in less harassment and much more citizen
> centric.
> Thanks and regards
> Asif
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> Subject: [AI] draft guidelines for medical certificate
> friends
> As you may be aware, Ministry of social justice and empowerment has 
> invited
> comments on new draft procedure  for issuing medical certificates of
> disability. I find the procedure unnecessarily complicated,
> compartmentalised and cumbursome. It would generate worst confusion and
> difficulties in the guise of enabling every one to obtain certificates
> easily by simplifying and streamlining the procedure, as claimed by MSJ.
> I wonder who were the stake holders who have suggested such needless
> modifications, as MSJ claims to have consulted stake holders.
> However, as it has invited comments from laypersons like you and me before
> august 31, I am in the process of drafting them and would appreciate any
> suggestions. I would put the comments in the list before forwarding them.
> one thing, I would like to plead here. We have, on our list, a host of
> persons related to various NGOs working in the field of blind. whenever
> there are such moves of comments by stake holders  like recent meets on
> amendments in PWD act or consultations on the part of 
> government/ministries
> which sure must include their NGOs, process of identification of jobs 
> etc.,
> can they not, put a word on the list so that they may benefit from large
> gathering of intellectually sophisticated audience?
> Here is the draft procedure pasted for the reference and comments of all:
> disability certificate.pdf
> Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment
> Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi
> To simplify and streamline the procedure of issue of Disability
> Certificates to the Persons with Disabilities, the Government had set up a
> Committee, under the Chairmanship of Additional Secretary of the
> Ministry. The committee after holding a number of meetings and in
> consultation with the stakeholders has drafted a revised procedure,
> which is being put on the Ministry's website
> http://socialjustice.nic.in/disabled/welcome.htm
> for seeking comments
> of all concerned.
> The comments may please be sent latest by 31
> st
> August, 2007 to Sh.
> Ashish Kumar, Secretary of the Committee and Deputy Director General,
> Room No. 610, 'A' Wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 (Phone &
> Fax No. 23383853, E-mail:
> kmashish at nic.in).
> Shape
> Proposed Procedure for Issue of Disability Certificate
> Disability certificates may be classified in two types:
> Type I- for obtaining benefits like- employment, admission to higher
> educational and
> professional institutions, and for judicial determination of compensation
> claims.
> Type-II- for benefits like- disability pension, unemployment allowance,
> poverty
> alleviation schemes, income tax exemptions, excise and custom duty
> exemptions,
> ADIP Scheme, special school admission, travel concessions in Railways,
> Buses,
> airways, waterways etc.
> Certification mechanism for Type-I Certificates:
> Present system of Medical Boards will continue. Medical Boards can hire 
> the
> services
> of private practitioners, resource centres etc by payment of required fee,
> to be
> determined by the District Medical Board.
> Certification mechanism for Type-II Certificates:
> Doctors at Primary Health Centres may be authorized to issue disability
> certificate for
> disabilities, which are easily discernible to naked eye. This will include
> locomotor
> disability- amputation or paralysis of limbs and visual disability-
> blindness. Ready
> reckoner will be developed for use by PHC doctors.
> For the cases involving non-visible locomotor disabilities, Cerebral 
> Palsy,
> Leprosy-
> Cured, Hearing impairment, Low Vision, Mental retardation, Autism and 
> Mental
> Illness, the certificate may be issued by a specialist doctor of that
> specialty with the
> assistance of paramedical or rehabilitation personnel/ resource center as
> given below:
> table with 4 columns and 7 rows
> S. No.
> Type of Disability
> Expert Doctor*
> Assisting paramedic/ rehabilitation professional*
> 1.
> Locomotor Disability (cases with non-visible disability)/ Cerebral Palsy,
> Leprosy-Cured
> Orthopedic Surgeon
> Occupational Therapist/ Physiotherapist
> 2.
> Visual Disability (Low Vision)
> Ophthalmologist
> Optometrist with required facility
> 3.
> Hearing Disability
> ENT Specialist
> Audiologist/ speech pathologist having access to audiometric lab facility/
> resource center
> 4.
> Mental Retardation/ Autism
> Psychiatrist/
> Clinical
> Psychologist/
> Psychologist with
> training and
> experience of 5
> years/Special
> Educator with
> training and
> experience of 5
> years
> Psychologist/ Special educator
> 5.
> Mental Illness
> Psychiatrist/ Clinical Psychologist
> Psychologist
> 6.
> Multiple Disability
> Board under the chairmanship of CMO with required expert doctors
> Concerned paramedical personnel
> table end
> * Should be preferably from Government, if readily available. Otherwise, a
> private
> doctor/ paramedic/ rehabilitation professional as empanelled by the 
> District
> Medical
> Board may be utilized for the purpose.
> Appellate for the certificate issued
> The appeal against any certificate issued may be preferred to an Appellate
> Medical
> Board, to be constituted in each Government Medical College with required
> experts.
> Choice of experts for the Board will be made by the Head of the
> Institutions.
> The appeal can be made only by the person who feels that the certificate
> issued to him
> has not taken into account relevant factors. In case of children with
> disabilities,
> appeal can be filed by the natural/ legal guardian.
> There will be fee for making appeal before the Appellate Board. The amount
> of fee will
> be prescribed by the State Government.
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