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Dear Rajesh,
I am currently working on preparing detail project report for E-governance 
initiative for department of social welfare, government of West Bengal along 
with three member team.  We were hired by department of IT , government of 
west Bengal to e-enable the service.  One of the service which we are 
E-enabling is that issue of PWD identity card.
the point which I am trying to make out is that if you ask them to include 
E-enabling of generating this certificate which should be recognized through 
out India.  It would be great if this certificate could be issued as 
multi-purpose card such as to obtain concenssional railway ticket, air 
ticket, etc.   This would result in less harassment and much more citizen 
Thanks and regards

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As you may be aware, Ministry of social justice and empowerment has invited 
comments on new draft procedure  for issuing medical certificates of 
disability. I find the procedure unnecessarily complicated, 
compartmentalised and cumbursome. It would generate worst confusion and 
difficulties in the guise of enabling every one to obtain certificates 
easily by simplifying and streamlining the procedure, as claimed by MSJ.

I wonder who were the stake holders who have suggested such needless 
modifications, as MSJ claims to have consulted stake holders.

However, as it has invited comments from laypersons like you and me before 
august 31, I am in the process of drafting them and would appreciate any 
suggestions. I would put the comments in the list before forwarding them.

one thing, I would like to plead here. We have, on our list, a host of 
persons related to various NGOs working in the field of blind. whenever 
there are such moves of comments by stake holders  like recent meets on 
amendments in PWD act or consultations on the part of government/ministries 
which sure must include their NGOs, process of identification of jobs  etc., 
can they not, put a word on the list so that they may benefit from large 
gathering of intellectually sophisticated audience?

Here is the draft procedure pasted for the reference and comments of all:

disability certificate.pdf
Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment
Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi
To simplify and streamline the procedure of issue of Disability
Certificates to the Persons with Disabilities, the Government had set up a
Committee, under the Chairmanship of Additional Secretary of the
Ministry. The committee after holding a number of meetings and in
consultation with the stakeholders has drafted a revised procedure,
which is being put on the Ministry's website
for seeking comments
of all concerned.
The comments may please be sent latest by 31
August, 2007 to Sh.
Ashish Kumar, Secretary of the Committee and Deputy Director General,
Room No. 610, 'A' Wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 (Phone &
Fax No. 23383853, E-mail:
kmashish at nic.in).
Proposed Procedure for Issue of Disability Certificate
Disability certificates may be classified in two types:
Type I- for obtaining benefits like- employment, admission to higher 
educational and
professional institutions, and for judicial determination of compensation 
Type-II- for benefits like- disability pension, unemployment allowance, 
alleviation schemes, income tax exemptions, excise and custom duty 
ADIP Scheme, special school admission, travel concessions in Railways, 
airways, waterways etc.
Certification mechanism for Type-I Certificates:
Present system of Medical Boards will continue. Medical Boards can hire the 
of private practitioners, resource centres etc by payment of required fee, 
to be
determined by the District Medical Board.
Certification mechanism for Type-II Certificates:
Doctors at Primary Health Centres may be authorized to issue disability 
certificate for
disabilities, which are easily discernible to naked eye. This will include 
disability- amputation or paralysis of limbs and visual disability- 
blindness. Ready
reckoner will be developed for use by PHC doctors.
For the cases involving non-visible locomotor disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, 
Cured, Hearing impairment, Low Vision, Mental retardation, Autism and Mental
Illness, the certificate may be issued by a specialist doctor of that 
specialty with the
assistance of paramedical or rehabilitation personnel/ resource center as 
given below:

table with 4 columns and 7 rows
S. No.
Type of Disability
Expert Doctor*
Assisting paramedic/ rehabilitation professional*
Locomotor Disability (cases with non-visible disability)/ Cerebral Palsy, 
Orthopedic Surgeon
Occupational Therapist/ Physiotherapist
Visual Disability (Low Vision)
Optometrist with required facility
Hearing Disability
ENT Specialist
Audiologist/ speech pathologist having access to audiometric lab facility/ 
resource center
Mental Retardation/ Autism
Psychologist with
training and
experience of 5
Educator with
training and
experience of 5
Psychologist/ Special educator
Mental Illness
Psychiatrist/ Clinical Psychologist
Multiple Disability
Board under the chairmanship of CMO with required expert doctors
Concerned paramedical personnel
table end

* Should be preferably from Government, if readily available. Otherwise, a 
doctor/ paramedic/ rehabilitation professional as empanelled by the District 
Board may be utilized for the purpose.
Appellate for the certificate issued
The appeal against any certificate issued may be preferred to an Appellate 
Board, to be constituted in each Government Medical College with required 
Choice of experts for the Board will be made by the Head of the 
The appeal can be made only by the person who feels that the certificate 
issued to him
has not taken into account relevant factors. In case of children with 
appeal can be filed by the natural/ legal guardian.
There will be fee for making appeal before the Appellate Board. The amount 
of fee will
be prescribed by the State Government.
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