[AI] 0.43% reservation for the disabled!

Rajesh Asudani rajeshasudani at rbi.org.in
Wed Aug 29 01:19:49 EDT 2007

Chief Commissioner for persons with disabilities
New Delhi

0.43% reservation for the disabled!


Please find attached the advertisement of north western railway advertising about 4800 group d posts for general and other reserved category candidates.

They have reserved 7 posts each for three categories of disabilities totaling 21 posts which amounts to only 0.43% of the total vacancies or so, as against three percent stipulated in persons with disabilities act. Acording to extant GR/Circular in this behalf, the three percent is to be calculated as three percent of the total vacancies, and that three percent has to be filled by appointing persons with disabilities on identified posts. It is clear that unless the said zone has already appointed more than three percent persons with disabilities, so as to make the mandated requirement filled by only appointing 0.43% or so persons with disabilities on vacancies advertised now, it can not arbitrarily reduce vacancies reserved for persons with disability, which should be around 150 in this advertisement.

Again, I can only pray your august institution to take cognizance and do something effective by issuing legal processes to the errant parties.

Rajesh Asudani


Reserve bank of India
M.A. LL.M.

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