[AI] Shameful incident.

Rajesh Parakh rajeshparakhjp at yahoo.co.in
Sun Aug 26 02:15:00 EDT 2007

Dear Mr.Chairman, 
It's really shame that such incidents occur , i am refering to the incident of misbehaviour with our moderater Mr.Harish at Bangalore airport by your officials just because he was differently abled by not allowing him to travel in the flight to Hyderabad instead giving him the refund. in such a case you should have given an undertaking that your airlines is not for differently abled. i request you to take this matter seriously and see to it that such incidents do not occur in future and i would suggest you to have special training programme for your officials for behaving and dealing with differently abled for which you can feel free to contact me. 
Rajesh Parakh. 
Mobile: 09940314234.

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