[AI] a question regarding laptops

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hello, I do not know much on this topic, so please some one correct me if I 
am wrong, Pronounced "cash memory." A relatively small section of very fast 
memory (often static RAM) reserved for the temporary storage of the data or 
likely to be needed next by the processor. Cache memory integrated directly 
onto the microprocessor is called primary cache or L1 cache, and cache 
located in an external circuit is known as secondary cache or L2 cache. take 
care, regards, ashish

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>    Hello,
> While buying a laptop  some one read to me the spead of the processer. 
> after that there was some thing more written which read like
> "2 M B CACHE"
> or, "4 M B CACHE"
> I would like to know that what is this?
> What does this mean?
> Your any and all help is appritiated.
> Awaiting for your eaerliest and positive reply.
> Thanking you in anticipations
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> and
> still not see...
> "Helen Keler"
> Have a great day!!
> Regards
> Mamta.
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