[AI] jaws queries

dinesh thole dineshthole at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 11:06:53 EDT 2007

hello friends.
I have the following queries about jaws.
1. are there jaws scripts for oracle database software?
2. is there a special forum of jaws users like it is for kurzweil, or where can I put queries for jaws?
3. how can I disable the automatic starting of jaws in windows vista?
4. I want to use visual basic editor through ms xl for editing macros.
but when I have to place various controls on the form, I am unable to access the controls list from the tule box.
in visual basic we can open the controls list by pressing control shift B.
but the list is not opening in the visual basic editor which is used through xl.
I am very sorry for the long message.
I request you all to help me in my above questions.
thanking you all.
warm regards.
dinesh thole.
mobile: 9922942801.

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