[AI] Blind Golfer Records Unique Hole In One

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Blind golfer records unique hole in one
By Mark Lamport-Stokes
Tuesday, 21 August , 2007, 07:24
Los Angeles:
American Sheila Drummond, with her heart
pounding, recorded what is believed to
be the first hole-in-one by a totally blind
female golfer at Mahoning Valley Country
Club in Lehighton, Pennsylvania on Sunday.
Playing with her husband Keith and another couple
in damp conditions on a course
she knows very well, the 53-year-old amateur aced
the par-three fourth from 144 yards
with a driver.
Drummond, blind since 1982 because of diabetes,
heard her ball strike the flagstick
before it dropped into the cup for the best moment of
her golfing career.
"I hit the ball and one of my opponents said:
'Oh, that's a great shot'," Drummond
told Reuters in a telephone interview on Monday.
"Then she said: 'It's going over (the green), no
wait, it's going in the cup!' We
all heard the ball hit the pin and I asked: 'Are you
sure it's in the hole?'
"Then we raced off in our carts over the bridge
and the water toward the green before
I knew I had my first hole-in-one."
Drummond, a member of the board of directors for
the United States Blind Golfers
Association, is convinced she is the first
totally blind female player to record
an ace.
"We've looked everywhere and we are pretty sure I
am the first woman," she said.
"However, there have been a few other blind male
golfers who have achieved holes-in-one."
Drummond, who took up golf 15 years ago and plays
off a handicap of 44, is coached
by her husband, a supervisor at a local laminating
"He gets me lined up in the right direction for
every shot," she explained. "When
we get to the ball in the fairway, he tells me
how many yards to go and I choose
the club based on feel.
"But I've played Mahoning Valley hundreds of
times so, on the par threes, I know
what I need. Because it was wet yesterday, with
lots of drizzle and rain, I used
my driver because I knew the ball wouldn't run that
"Right away, I thought I hit it well, and then my
heart was pounding."

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