[AI] Happy news during the Onam season...

Sudhir R (NeSTIT) sudhir.r at nestgroup.net
Thu Aug 23 01:13:52 EDT 2007

Dear  friends,

As Malayalis the world over are gearing up to celebrate Onam over the next few days, Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala is taking a step towards becoming a more inclusive society.

EMS Library, which boasts of a large collection of books and over 5000 members, is installing assistive technologies like screen readers, OCR software with scanners etc in its Computer Centre to make its resources accessible to the visually challenged.  The Library also plans to make audio recordings and Braille editions of books available in the coming months.  This first-of-its-kind project in Kerala is getting inaugurated on August 30, 2007.

This project is the successful fruition of one of the many ideas that germinated during the Eye T 2007 (a Seminar on assistive technologies & empowerment of the visually challenged) conducted in Kochi during May.  Mr Sohan, a former Mayor and sitting Corporation Councillor, took inspiration from the interactions with the resource persons (all Access India members including Kanchan, Asif, Prashant, Shashikala, Shanti, Sundari, Balaram, Roy Markose  and Reshmi) and persuaded the progressive Management Board of the Library to set up this noble venture in such a short time.

The Society for the Rehabilitation of the Visually Challenged,  <http://www.visuallychallenged.com>), the architects of the Seminar, is pleased to see one of its pet dreams coming true and thanks all for their sincere help and co-operation.  Hopefully, a second major project - a full-fledged training center to impart mobility, computer and other employability-enhancing  skills -, will also take off in the next few months.

Here's wishing a very happy and inclusive Onam to all of you... Why not join us in God's Own Country when Mother Nature is at her best this season ?
Love and Regards

R Sudhir
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