[AI] Extra examination time

Abdul 1988.abdul at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 16:03:52 EDT 2007

Hello list members,

I appeared for std 12 examinations for some of the subjects  in April. I usually finish my examinations just before the time alloted , but in accountancy I had to leave a 10 marks question just because of shortage of time which eventually reflected in my results. It is  obvious that dictating to a writer consumes much time than self writing. I was unaware of any law which I could have referred to the invigilator at that moment. In October I have to appear for the examinations of remaining subjects and I dont want this to happen again. So, can anyone tell me whether there is any provision in Indian law which gives the visual impaired students the benefit of extra time in examination. If yes, how can I enjoy this benefit.I'd like to clear that I am studying in a school affiliated to N I O S board. 

Your help is highly appreciated,

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