[AI] Google launches new services to expand in Indian market

vishnu ramchandani vishnuhappy at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 21 04:43:43 EDT 2007

Google launches new services to expand in Indian


NEW DELHI: To expand its reach in the Indian market,
global Internet major Google on Monday launched three
services -- Google India Labs, Local Search and
Business Centre -- aimed at providing local
information to the users.

These products would come from Google offices across
the globe, including R&D centre in Bangalore, but will
specifically cater to the needs of Indian users.

The 'Google Labs' would act as a technology playground
for products that are in the process of development
and require market feedback to improve. This
would make India one of the few countries to have a
country-focussed lab programme, the statement said. 
The 'Google Local Search' would enable users to search
for information on local businesses like restaurants,
shops, and hotels.

The 'Google Local Business Centre' would allow any
business to add its information to Google Local for

While searching on Google Local Search, the listed
business information will be displayed. The Local
Business Centre already exists in other geographies
and has provided owners with means to provide
visibility to their businesses, it said.

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