[AI] lists of identified jobs

Rajesh Asudani rajeshasudani at rbi.org.in
Tue Aug 21 03:01:16 EDT 2007


I have received so many requests for lists that It is practically impossible to forward the lists to each one of you.

You may please download the same from following link:


Sorry for the trouble, but I am amazed at the fact that this issue of updation of lists has been discussed for the first time on accessindia, despite Dipendra being the member of governmental committee which undertook the whole exercise.

Please any one, go through the lists and if possible compare them to earlier lists of 2001, which I am afraid to say, are not available in a consolidated form, not at least with me, and arrive at comparative progress in updation, whether these lists are nay better and keeping in line with developments in  past six years or not.

In case, link does not work, let me know.



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