[AI] It is the Kingfisher this time

mahendra galani at chello.at
Mon Aug 20 03:17:21 EDT 2007

Dear Harish

it was not a very good birthday gift, on eav of your birthday from Kingfisher!!
any how very happy birthday from Adina, me, and others!!. enjoy your day.

At 07:19 AM 8/20/2007, you wrote:
>Hi friends
>Yesterday I was to return back from Bangalore to Hyderabad. I had 
>booked a Kingfisher ticket.
>The flight was at 9 pm and I reached the airport by 7.45.
>At checkin counter the female, asked me to see their supervisor and 
>she sent me along with an assistant. The supervisor said that I be 
>given an isle seat.
>They made me seated in the waiting hall and they told they would 
>give me a boarding card and to be seated as there was a long queue.
>Half an hour elapsed and there was no sight of them. I went to the 
>counter and I got the same reply and was again seated.
>I waited for another 15 minutes and by then, the security call was 
>announced. I again went to the counter and demanded for the boarding 
>card and I insisted I would wait no more.
>At this time she rattled that she could not give me the boarding 
>card and that she would give me full refund.
>On demanding the reason, she went onto  say that all the cabin crew 
>were females on that flight and as I was travelling alone they could not help.
>I had a heated exchange of words and refused to budge anything short 
>of a boarding card.
>She spoke to the crew and made it clear that I was not giveing in. 
>In the mean time I kept my cellphone camera in video mode.
>Finally I was given the boarding card and hurridly my security was done.
>I sat sulkily in my seat and made no bones showing my displeasure. I 
>hadto give the crew a mouth full and I used my opportunity when they 
>served food. I told them I was too agitated to eat anything. They 
>were very sorry at the end of it.
>Before deplaning on reaching Hyd I gave them another dose and 
>demanded from them what extra they had to do for me.  I finally told 
>to tell all their colleagues such an incident should never occur.
>I am surely going to complain to DGCA, how their new guidelines is followed.
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with warm regards
        Mahendra Galani
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