[AI] It is the Kingfisher this time

harish kotian hpkotian at rbi.org.in
Mon Aug 20 01:19:22 EDT 2007

Hi friends
Yesterday I was to return back from Bangalore to Hyderabad. I had booked a Kingfisher ticket.

The flight was at 9 pm and I reached the airport by 7.45.

At checkin counter the female, asked me to see their supervisor and she sent me along with an assistant. The supervisor said that I be given an isle seat.

They made me seated in the waiting hall and they told they would give me a boarding card and to be seated as there was a long queue.

Half an hour elapsed and there was no sight of them. I went to the counter and I got the same reply and was again seated.

I waited for another 15 minutes and by then, the security call was announced. I again went to the counter and demanded for the boarding card and I insisted I would wait no more.

At this time she rattled that she could not give me the boarding card and that she would give me full refund.
On demanding the reason, she went onto  say that all the cabin crew were females on that flight and as I was travelling alone they could not help.

I had a heated exchange of words and refused to budge anything short of a boarding card.

She spoke to the crew and made it clear that I was not giveing in. In the mean time I kept my cellphone camera in video mode.

Finally I was given the boarding card and hurridly my security was done.

I sat sulkily in my seat and made no bones showing my displeasure. I hadto give the crew a mouth full and I used my opportunity when they served food. I told them I was too agitated to eat anything. They were very sorry at the end of it.

Before deplaning on reaching Hyd I gave them another dose and demanded from them what extra they had to do for me.  I finally told to tell all their colleagues such an incident should never occur.

I am surely going to complain to DGCA, how their new guidelines is followed.


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